From the diary of a murderer

From the Diary of a Murderer, Entry #1


From the Diary of a Murderer #1

Sometimes, at night, I stay awake, alone, eyes crazed with thirst and I think about human minds. My mind. It fascinates me… the mind that has so much potential in it… yet no one knows its location. No one ever found its location, even after man had made bridges to the Moon and the Mars.

Where is it –mind– in the maze of human body? Is it a part in the brain or does it symbolize heart? Is it the soul, or just the thoughts in our brain?

I wonder…

And then there is the body. Fragile, easily dismissed, easily fleeced and disposed. Destroyed.

So what is in the mind that push us towards murder? What’s in me that is so fascinated, so compelled by taking another human body and destroying it?

Is it the search for the answers, or is it the need for the power to possess and to learn and explain.

They might call me a murderer. But, what I am is… A scientist. A doctor. A philosopher. Or maybe just ME. That is more than anything or anyone I ever will be.

In my mind, I know, my mind is contaminated. In my mind, I know, my mind is rather insane.

But… then the next day my mind, the one that doesn’t have a substantial place in the body, wants what it wants…

And what it wants is another body. The power of Possessing… The power of Knowledge…

The smell of Blood…

From my #MIP, Memories Of Murder…



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