‘The Mermaid’s Treasure – #ColgateMagicalStories

To be honest, the first time I got my hand in the colgate boxes, I was so deliriously happy. The child in me, who always love her story boards and toys went overdrive and there were so many magical stories bustling in my head… like how I met this handsome pirate *okay, no. I know pirates are not romantic, but why not, it was just my fantasy* and how I befriended this vicious shark with gooey smile.

But then came the very staggering realization. Gosh, idiot, it is not for you, I told to myself.

So then with a sad smile, I hand this treasure to my niece. Well, my son is still in the stage where he chew all his toys. So, with a promise from my niece that she will return the characters safely for little M, I handed it over to her, not without hesitation.

Me: Keep it safe, will you?

Little Zee: Sure. I love, love.

Me: Cut this here, and tell me a story, ZeeZee.

Little Zee: Auntie, I be the hero, right!

Me: Yup, you are.

Little Zee: I bring Little M with me?

Me: Okay. Why not!

And then she was seriously cutting the characters and I helped her. We fixed the bases, and I read the little details to her. Like how…….

Dolphins are so friendly and very smart like him…

Parrots can talk words when they are taught.

Sting ray produces electric shock from its tail for defense.

She carefully listened to it all. When we finished arranging the characters, which was promptly disordered by my little boy of 5 months, we gave up and she started her story time. Her imagination is staggering and at least she didn’t have any handsome pirates *sensible little girl*

I named it ‘The Mermaid”s Treasure’

The story starts like this.

Little Zee: Sarah, the little mermaid live(s) in a very big castle under the sea, with her parents. You can see all kind of, like, fishes through Sarah’s window. Beautiful and colorful.

Me: Cool.

Little Zee: One day, when Sarah’s dad came back from a bus-siness trip, with a big chest filled with gold coins, a shark and an octopus  *hmm, what comes here aunty? Grr, like that!*

Me: Threatened?

Little Zee: Yeah. Th-threatened Sarah’s dad and stole the chest. Thief, two thief (thieves ZeeZee, I said to her and she nodded). Thieves. Oska, the octopus and Shekhar, the shark.

Me: Wow. Nice names.

Little Zee: Dad was very sad. He told Sarah what happened in sea. Sarah said don’t worry daddy. I will ask my friend. So Sarah calls me…

Me: You?

Little Zee: Yes, ZeeZee says she helps her. Sarah sends treasure map for the chest. Little M and ZeeZee ready their bags, and asked this pirate to help them. Pirate name is One Eye.

One Eye drives his big ship and drive with the help of treasure map. When they reach the gold coin chest, Shekhar is there, with his long teeths (teeth, baby, I said). He says Grrrrr and swim towards the ship.

(And tiny little M plucked the Vicious Shark and pushed it inside his mouth. *God, I laughed and laughed*

Unshakable, little Zee improvised with the skill of a master.)

Little Zee: But the shark is not real. Shekhar blows balloon shark with teeth and ties it near chest to guard it with Osca, and Shekhar goes to eat his lunch. Little M finds it is a balloon and with his teeth, bites it. Pufffff, shark balloon dies.

Now… we swim to chest, but One Eye wants treasure now. Greedy. He swim faster. Sarah’s friend Stingray come and hit One Eye with his tail. Sleeping Osca wakes up and Stingray, Zee and Little M fights with it. Scared, Osca swims away. Little M and Zee pulls the treasure and drive the boat to castle. Sarah is happy. Gives two gold coins to Zee and M.


Eagerly she looked up. I clapped.

Me: What a bunch of great kids. So… What do you do with the coins?

Little Zee: We went to Arun Ice cream store.

Me: Can I get a cone?

Little Gluttony Zee: Nuh uh. No.



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