It feels like I had just about a second ago touched his little hands for the first time, and fell in love all over again, but this little boy of mine reached his fifth month today. Five months. Oh, how the time is running fast and how he is growing up, every single day.

Five months before, one February 16, he was so pink, so fragile, so soft and I was so besotted then.

And now he is bigger than before, and I am still besotted.

He giggles loudly, he plays his games, and yes, he is a very stubborn, very angry little boy. When he wants something, he shout and cry until he gets it. But, he is also very smart for his age. He does things quickly, and imitates things almost with an intense concentration.

Blowing raspberry, driving car with his lips, poking his tongue out and smiling, rubbing his feet when I sing ‘tap your feet, tap your feet, listen to the music and tap your feet’ and pushes all his toys inside his mouth are his all time favorite things to do. Oh, yes, and beating and punching every free surface available, including his mom.

Happy five months old, darling delight. 😘

© Ada

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