‘Mama, I am Growing…’
  What’s necessary when your Kid grows up…

From the moment a little being come to our world, we dedicate our time and effort for them, for their health. They become the most important part of our world, our life, that we try hard for them to stay on healthy side, no matter how much we have to spend for it, for them.

Money doesn’t matter, when it is our child, because they are much more precious. Only our kid matter. This little being inspires so much of our love, our dedication, and our time.

Of course, we love them, and we would love to stuff them with all kind of food. But what if your Kid is someone who never eats unless forced, who hates his rice and veggies? What if our kid is that one kid who can never eat his food right, who never can retain his food?

What does it mean for his health, his growth?

God… Look at those other child in our son’s class… He is so thin, so short, so weak compared to them. He never eats his rice, veggies… Never drink his milk…

Haven’t we heard such serious, concerned conversations between parents? We need our child to grow into a well balanced, well supplied kid, but sometimes all we get is a naughty little one who runs all around the house, throwing food as he goes on around and around. At the end, we are tired, we are irritated and we are fed up.

Oh, yes, my little marshmallow is just 4 months old, and he already started spewing his milk… Purrr, he says and out comes his milk like a fountain. Gosh!!!

Imagine how it will be when he grows up… Phew. OK, I am going to need loads and loads of patience to feed him.


What if we are offered a solution to grow them who never eats? What if we are offered an easy way out of idlies and veggies, and fill them with something equally rich in nutrients?

Won’t we grab it with two hands and a grateful heart?


Horlicks Growth+ comes as a delicious addition to our little one’s food chart.

It contains high quality protein, vitamins and minerals. It is recommended for children who have fallen behind on growth and weight. It can provide additional supplement and help our child it catching up with the growth they have missed.

It enhances growth- No more jokes on shorter kids. Shorties, nope. Horlicks Growth+ contains amino acids, minerals and vitamins, calcium which enhance the growth in children.


Say no to weak and thin kids who are bullied – it is clinically proven that Horlicks Growth+ contains important nutrients which help increase weight without causing obesity. It is rich in whey protein which can be easily absorbed by the blood stream and easily digested, to help then grow strong and healthy.


Sweet… No? Yep…

Oh and it comes in two mouth watering flavours – Chocolate *yipeee* and Vanilla * yum*.

Your child is growing up and you need to help him grow up right…



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