‘The Truth…’

Just this time, I want what’s in your heart, she said as she looked at the mirror. I want the truth.

The red painted lips were full of lies, the bronzed skin was full of betrayal. She could see her, vile, ill-tempered, proud. SHE WAS FAKE.

Nothing made her sway from her goals — wealth, fame, success. Above all, recognition.

Once she was in the bottom of the chain that society had created. Once people had sneered and looked down their nose at her. Now she was on the top. Yes, those people who once neglected her with a flick of finger now welcomed her into their house. She was famous, the face everyone could recognize, and everyone wanted to become.

But… what had she become…

She was no more that simple girl with beautiful dreams. She had lost her spark, her innocence, her vitality along the way.

You are just another victim of your own lusty dreams…

Her heart cried out for saving, but no one heard.

Someone knocked the door.

“Madam, your scene next. Director sir wants you.”

That was who she was… she was a puppet, who danced and felt emotions as the director ordered. And she had long forgotten to be herself after the shot was done.

The truth was… she had worn a mask once, and had refused to peel away it.

What she was was an actor, both inside TV and outside it.



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