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The Purple Cow with Green Horns


Mom, is this beautiful?’ With a smile on her lips, the little girl showed her mom the picture of a cow she had coloured. There was eagerness and expectation in her eyes.

‘Wow, so beautiful, baby!’ Mom looked at her picture with furrowed brows and shook her head with a small smile. ‘But baby, cows are not purple and they don’t have green horns’, she said and the little girl’s smile died halfway.

She looked up at her mom with a pout, ‘But why not?’ There was a sulk in her voice and the stubbornness of a young child.

‘Because they are brown or black or white…never purple’. Mom said as she patted her girl’s head. ‘Paint it brown or black the next time…’

The girl, her cheerfulness forgotten, left the painting book and walked away. Still she had a question on her mind. She walked to her dad… … …

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