Me and Him…’

When I turned, I saw him standing at the edge of d mountain, ‘Hey,be careful, the fall is long and dangerous,’ I said… But he fell down. Free falling towards the white frothy river…  Sharp edges of rocks… I knew he would be no more if he fell.

I saw him now. He was hanging in a branch. His face was sweaty and there was panic in his eyes. ‘O… Thank god, hold on tight…’ I smiled, relieved that he didn’t fall to his death.

But the branch seemed to crack. Tiny blades of fissures formed, too thin to stay alive with his weight… ‘Look, it is falli…’ Before I finished warning him, with a snap, the branch broke.  He fell down… The river looked like it was going to enjoy his death.

But God, thank God, he was floating, his hands holding onto the wood… ‘It’s curving…’ The river bend in a steep fall, and he was washed away by the water…

Hurriedly I rushed over to the other side to make sure whether he was alive or not… And yeah, thank goodness, he was still there struggling with the water, as it pushed him up and pulled him down. Battle, full of his weakened, but strong mind and the power of nature. They fought, one overcoming other…

I grinned and continued reading the next page from the book
I’ve been reading…!



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