‘A song for you…’

I will lease all the color from
The rainbow, and paint your room
With oranges and reds and greens,
Yellows and violets and blues…

I will take the bright moon down
And hang it from your ceiling
To fill your room with the light
When the darkness descends

I will collect the fluffy clouds and
Spread it into a comfy mattress
Where you can sleep, snuggled
Into the soft and spongy bed

I will order the wind to blow
Gentle inside your room on
The hottest of summer days
To soothingly cool you

I will spin the golden thread of
Sunlight, and add the bird songs
To make a music box, tie it in the
Cradle, for you to hear and Smile

I will gather all the twinkling
Stars, and stick it on the walls
Of your room, a sticker that
Glows at the darkness of nights

Baby, I will do anything and
Everything you ask for, baby
I will bring the sun and the
moon down, just for you,

Because I love you, from this
end of the ocean to the other,
Because I love you, more than
Anything in this world. Oh, I do!


To… the most precious lil boy in my life. Love you, my baby.💙


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