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Finding Favorite Movies – flickstree


‘Finding Favorite Movies – flickstree’
Never watch a bad movie… NEVER!


We all must have come across this dilemma…

Tomorrow is a Sunday… You are finally free from all the burdens in life. Have to watch a great movie, that can help you relax and laugh, with a bucket full of butter popcorn, lounging lazily at the couch.


Then the real tension starts there.

What to watch? What to watch?

You go and download a movie, thinking it will be a comedy movie…

And then… When you see it finally, it was one sour puss that irritates you instead relaxing. HEAD ACHE! Instead of laughing, you are wiping your tears, or thinking about ozone holes (not that thinking about ozone hole is bad, but it isn’t just right when you want to enjoy your day)…

And the next Sunday…

It continues…

And you wonder aloud… ‘Where in the world can I find the right movie that suits my taste, my mood?!’

In Flickstree.


Then the next Sunday, you will be happy, for you get that right movie…

Many great movie suggestions, a day,
Flickstree throws YOUR favorites your Way…

So what’s this flickstree?

A new age blessing for all the movie lovers who want to watch what’s only they are going to like…

Sounds great, right!

Read on…

Receive superb and awesome, completely personalized movie suggestions!

There is a new platform that is redefining movie watching and making serious buzz in entertainment and personalization space. Yup. It’s called Flickstree and it is a great way to discover your next awesome film by providing completely personalized and superb, movie recommendations!

Flickstree is smart website and mobile app and learns what type of movies a user (you) likes, based on advanced machine learning, and offers movie suggestions based on them. Every movie passes through a critical lens of various filters, before being recommended to a user. It also then lets a user know all legitimate platforms where a recommended movie is available to watch.

Hooray! No more tedious roaming through websites and stores to find the movie…

Yea, before Flickstree, there was no search process through which you could experience awesome movie discoveries. While searching, you’d either come across the same set of popular movies through manual genre lookups, ask friends, or you would already need to know a few movies that you’d want to watch.

Sometimes there were days when you’d just give up on renting or downloading a film, because you couldn’t decide.

Thanks to Flickstree those days of being undecided are over.

Now… Watch all you want, only what you want…

Flickstree is the perfect way to discover the film that is perfect for you. It also has critics reviews so you can read more about the movie and decide on it.

The website is ready and to now make a mobile site and an app, Flickstree is crowd funding on Indiegogo at

You can experience the magic here — flickstree.

Go now… Search your favorite movie, watch it this Sunday and stay happy!!!


PS. Funds received via the campaign will also help Flickstree expand to more languages of cinema, run insight gathering program with users to further shape Flickstree and improve the technology infrastructure. You can help out after you check how it is useful for you…

Media Contact: Saurabh Singh


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