When I hold him and when he falls asleep using me as his cradle, looking so cute and small and fragile, my heart trembles and quivers with adoration and love… For this little being who is a part of my soul.

(Tonight was another one of those sleepless nights for me… As my darling delight curled up in my shoulder and fell asleep promptly.

I don’t know why he so loves to sleep in me than in his bed.

I wanna wake him up and close my tired eyes which closes on its own, but then I looked at him. So cute, so sweet, so peaceful… Swaddled in his blanket, with one hand on my shoulder and cheeks resting against the beat of my heart, legs wound on my tummy and another hand holding my finger, and my heart quivered with tremendous love. And, I just don’t have the heart to put him down…

And so the angel slept, so serenely and I carried him outside, just as I had carried him inside before.)


© Ada

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