When he tries hard to do things which are really too soon for his age, I can’t help but feel my heart widen with pride and my lips brimming with wondrous, adoring smile.

(Today, my handsome tried hard and long to turn on his stomach. He was just 50 days old, and very eager to do new things… He turned his legs, and body, and lied on his stomach, but this one hand isn’t moving so that he can fully turn… And God, he tried, tried and tried with a determination, I find relentless. He smiled and gurgled and tried and I wonder, why I am never this determined.

Today I’ve learned a valuable lesson from my son… Try hard… And long… Even if it is beyond your capability…

He didn’t succeed fully yet, but I can see he will, in the nearest future.

(Isn’t little kids always the one who taught us great lessons…? I’ve always thought so.))

© Ada

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