‘That Day When My Son Was Born…’

That day, when my dreams came alive,
When all of my prayers got answered,

That day, when a new life came out of me,
When my son took his first breath of life,

That day, when my life was filled with beauty,
When I heard the first cry from the lil prince,

That day, when I witnessed a love beyond all,
When his little fingers became my guiding pole,

That day, when the dark cloud hanging above
Gave way to colorful rainbows in sunny sky,

That day, my agony faded into nothingness
And life, once again, became free of misery,

That day, my tears dried up behind a smile
And my heart filled with bliss & contentment,

That day, when my son was born, was the day
That brought sunshine to my darkened soul!!!


Β© Ada

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