‘Departure Of A Tortured Soul…’

The past, a footage
Of old, sad videos
Regrets and nasty bruises
Come alive again

Filth, above and below
I call out in tears, to save
But over and over you’ve
Proved you don’t care

The past, memories
Tumble upon my heart
Scary noises, closing
My ears, I do still hear

Graveyard built above
Alive and awake, my
Loud screams get lost
As the dirt closes on

The past, the records of
Violence, scars drawn
Over my heart, starts to
Vanish as sand eats my life

Slow and breezy, my soul
Passes away, finally
Free of the past. Wings
White. Angelic ascend.

© Fathy_writes

Eager to hear what's in your mind :)

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