It is a beautiful feeling, being a mother. Holding someone who is a part of us, who is ours.

That motherhood, an infinite joy, a stream of bubbling memories and I want to share some with the world.

He is beautiful. He is everything I have dreamed of. He is Mine…

After so many trials, I finally get to have him, hold him closer to my heart, hear him cry and laugh and coo…

The first time I heard him cry, it was as melodious as a music. A soothing, calming melody to my bones.

The first time I heard him cry, my heart leapt to heaven. The darkness smothering my life lifted to part way to gentle sunshine.

The first time I heard him cry, love, like a torrential downpour, poured through my whole system, sinking me inside the feeling.

The first time I heard him cry, every cell, every bone, every muscle, so filled with bliss, peace, and contented I closed my teary eyes with a smile.

Here is the new beginning in the old trail of marriage. A new hope. A new grand blessing. A new meaning.

Here is MY SON. Abdul Muizz.


© Ada

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