‘The End Of A Prayer…’

Eyes closed
Tears streaming down
I start to pray

God, please, bring him
Back home to me & my love

Darkness around
Screaming pain in heart
I continue to pray

God, please, show him
All that I’ve sacrificed for love

Sadness encloses
Bleeding with the remains
I keep on praying

God, please, make him
Turn around from that girl

Cold daft pulses
Icy snow freezes my heart
I cry and cry and pray

God, please, get him
To realize the pain I’m feeling

As sun pours heat
Frozen heart slowly thaws
I wipe my tears and pray

God, please, shower me
With the soft warmth of relief

As golden rays embrace sky
Liquid courage pours through me
I end my long, tearful prayer

No God, I don’t want him back
I just want the strength to move on

Because I’ve long realized
That I am worth more
Than what he has ever offered

That I deserve much more
Than all his games & betrayals
My smile reappear, I closes my prayer

Thank you God, for blessing me
With that understanding…


© Ada

Eager to hear what's in your mind :)

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