Blues from Bruises · Poetry

Painfully Yours…


‘Painfully Yours…’

The ripped remains of heart
Scarred for eternity
Carry I, along, as I trek uphill

The putrid smell of burnt desires
Dreams charred in fire
Meaningless my life had become

Morning glory dulls in the pain
When darkness veils
Pillows taste of my salty tears

The call of sorrow & despair
Cry of a lone soul
Wandering aimlessly, o’ lost

Covering pain, smile I, loud
Faking it for the lot
Sadly I’m still painfully yours

After all horrors you put upon
I walk with you 
Sordid, still painfully yours

After the happiness you doused
Now I am truly
Helpless, still painfully yours

An end to a greedy love, I laugh
How life made a joke 
Out of me, how I’m still all Yours!


© Ada


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