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The Impact Of Dreams


‘The Impact Of Dreams’

‘Sognare l’impossible è il primo passo per realizzarlo’

-Dream the impossible and you are already part-way there

Oh, the simple, unsatisfactory life I lived… Living day in and day out in a kind of trance, a bored mind. Time passed by, no intent or aim or goal. I had no purpose, no dreams. I just wandered, so lost, like an out-of-control copter, flying wherever the wind took me. Tedious and extremely dull, walking in the life, without a sense of direction.

Half way through the journey, I realized that this wasn’t something I am very proud of. This life was not what I wished to live.

I wanted to be something. To have a purpose.

What’s life without purpose? Oh, everyone lives, but isn’t it dreams, goals that distinguish a person’s life from the bunches of other lives that just go on in a streamlined flow, ordered, but inadvertent?

Isn’t it dreams that add colors to the empty canvases of life, making it beautiful and worth it all?

Dreams are the GPS that navigates us through the ordinary life, to make it extraordinary. Dreams are the wings that pluck us off the ground, and bring us above the sky…

So I stopped… In my dreamless journey.

Looked back, oh, and found nothing worth smiling about. Nothing worth the time I have lived, or more like frittered. It was sad to look back and found all those years of my life empty and worthless.

My heart shuttered, and shattered.

Where was the life I thought I had been living? Where was my dreams I had been dreaming? There were no trace of either of them.

Empty, oh so empty!

My life was an unfurnished portrait, without any splash of vibrant hues. Still waiting for me to fill it up with dreams and desires, with hopes and wishes. I had lived 10, 20 years and still the portrait was void and unsubstantial.

It isn’t too late, I thought to myself. It is time, to do something worthy. It is TIME.

And so I open a new page on my life and and sketch it with dreams. Dreams of a new life, dreams of a new journey.

Yes, I have wasted years on NOTHING, but then, I am not going to waste the remaining life on the same nothing.

Dreams make us what we are, what we will become! Dreams shape us in to an artistic pot, from the very basic of mud!! Dreams create a gracious portrait out of an empty life!!! The impact of dreams on life — earthshaking, and satisfactory!

I decide then, I am going to make my life worth the time.

Grasping on a dream, I walk, head held high, because I have a dream now! A new wish!

No longer do I feel like a failure. No longer do I have an immense urge to lower my head and feel inferior.

Like a new spurt of green from the dry Earth, after a thundering downpour, my life becomes momentous. Important. It is an exhilarating feeling, to hold on to a dream. To live it.

Like a rollercoaster ride, the dreams pull me up and down, push me through all the bends and the corners, dislodge my bowels and at times, it is scary. It is too tiresome. And I am forced to look back once again on my past life. It was easy — a little dry — but easy. That life of nothing. Not at all like this unbalanced, shaky ride.

Was it stupidity that pushed me towards this insane goal of having and living a dream?

It will be easier to give up, won’t it???

I almost give up. Give in.

But then I am shaken awake from the grave thoughts. The thoughts of giving up.

What’s life, without a meaning? What’s life, idiot, without hardships? I argue with myself.

Isn’t it eternal persistence that made geniuses? Isn’t it difficult dreams that gave us Edison’s bulbs, Graham’s Telephone, Wright Brothers’ plane?  Isn’t it calamity and hardships and endless toil that brought us India’s Independence?

And so… I must persist. Pursue. And I persisted, pursued.

Difficult times came, but I survived. Hardships, I faced, and was ridiculed of my dreams, but I persevered and ignored the catcalls. Perseverance pays. And it did.

The impact of dreams on my life — it brought me peace and contentment and satisfaction. It still does.

Years later, as I look back the second time, I don’t feel like a waste of Time. I don’t feel that my life is nugatory and futile. I don’t feel miserable about they way I lived and am living. Those words — unsatisfactory, meaningless, insignificant — no longer tortures my soul.

And isn’t that the biggest success than all those hardships and bad days! Isn’t that the biggest achievement I could have ever dreamed?

YES, it is!!!

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© Ada


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