‘Memories That Last Forever…’

Come wild weather,
sleet or
A true lover stands
by you,
however it blow…

The endless trials and tribulations of marriage, and amidst all the angry storms, there’s a glow of warmth, a promise of unbreakable love and the shower of endless laughter — and that’s what makes the bond of love strengthen and survive. 

It’s the laughter between the screaming matches, it is the smile spilled during angry days, it is the kisses on forehead after a big fight that keeps the wheels of marriage well oiled, and moving smoothly without the screech and keeping it rust-free.

When I think about the moment we laughed together, feeling silly and stupid and exhilarated, I could still taste the drizzle of love we shared then… So content in the knowledge that we would still fight, but it would never break us apart. That we would still  scream at each other, but would laugh later about it…

Laughter, the trickle of happy jingles, the music of soul and love. Laughter, the knot that connects the heart and keeps them afloat with love. Laughter, the match that lits the ember in heart and make it glow… Isn’t it true, that laughter makes the Earth move, with happiness and contentment? Isn’t it true, that laughter keeps the old love alive, vibrant and always new?


*This isn’t the way to Brush your teeth*

The chilly air slamming against my cheeks, the slow curl of mist through the windows and the endless twittering of song birds woke me up from my slumber. Early than every other day. Cloaking myself against the arctic fingers of the Ooty cold with a thick blanket, I groggily stood up from the cozy mattress.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” My hubby said. He was already awake, a brush in hand and smiling at me with the white froth around his mouth.

I was going to smile and greet back, but then my sleepy eyes honed in on his hand. And suddenly I was wide awake.

“Hey… What the hell!!! What are you doing?”

He jumped ten feet high, looking alarmed and cautiously he took a step back from me, as if I might choose to attack him any moment from now.

Imagine your new wife waking up from the sleep during your honeymoon and screaming at you without any preamble… And asking what you’re doing like an angry bird…

He gaped at me, “Brushing my teeth, sweetheart!” and I shook my head.

“That’s my brush, you idiot…”

He looked positively chastened, but holding on to his dignity, he held his head up and asked,

“Is your name inscribed here, you idiot?”

And then I was like, “Didn’t I say that the blue brush is yours and the pink one’s mine. It’s all really simple. Pink is for girls…”

He grimaced, “Who wrote the damn rule?”

“Everyone knows it…” I frowned.

And as the angry tirade progressed, I came to realize that he had been using my brush for a week and the poor blue brush —his brush– hadn’t been touched…

And then we burst out laughing, holding on to our stomachs… Oh yes, well, he claimed the pink brush after that and I got the blue one.

We still laugh about that incident and I would say, “What would’ve happened if I didn’t wake up early that morning!?” And I would often tease him even after 3 years, “you’re not using my brush, are you?”

He would laugh and answer, “it’s all your fault. You never said blue was mine…”


Do what make you happy. Be with who makes you smile. Laugh as much as you breathe. And love as long as you live…

*Transformation of a silent girl*

The first time I talked with my hubby, I had nothing to say. Whatever he asked, I smiled like a shy girl I was not, and nodded or answered in a single syllable.

And when he asked me to say something, I had grinned and said, ‘You say something…’

And he still laughs about that night when I had nothing to say and jokingly comments…

‘”How I thought you were a quiet girl at first… And girl, am I shocked to find the chatterbox behind that mask…”

I would blink and smile innocently and say, “Oh, I was being generous that day. I know how your future will be and so I gave you a chance to talk for a day. What a kind heart I have!!!”

And we would fill the air with the music of laughter…


You made me see, love is not always about extraordinary deals, like a big bunch of flower and romantic candle-light dinner; but it can also exist in more basic things, like a simple good morning kiss or laughing together for the stupidest of jokes… And so I love you, and our laughter. Those laughs keep us young and our love alive…

And it is the laughter that bestowed us with timeless memories, that would last for another eternity and some more…


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Image: I created using picsart and instamag 🙂

© Ada

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