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Children Are Not Play Dough

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Children Are Not Play Dough

Children are like the play dough. They can be easily wrought into any shapes we want and need, to satisfy all our inner desires through this new dough we get our hands on. You failed to be a doctor, but then you get this new chance, a second chance to make someone who is born out of you — yes, you will take it, because you CAN….

If we want to make an Albert Einstein out of them, we can. If we want to make a powerful boxer out of them, we can… And most of us, really believe that it is our right to make them what we want to make them.

They are easily impressionable, and we can create anything out of them. They can be impacted… With our dreams, our desires, our failed hopes. It is easy to dump our longings, our wishes and wills, our aspirations on them.

We can cast them into anyway we want…

But then, is it really our job to mold them? To shape them in whatever way we want? To impact, influence them with our wishes and dreams? Is it okay to do so? To wring them this way and that way, until we perfect them! Is it really okay to mould them into squares, when they wish to be circles??? Do we really have a right to do so? To mess their future and mesh it with the future we wanted — we once wanted– to have for ourselves?

Oh, these little creatures, easy enough to be shaped, moulded… So like a play-doh, but no, they are not really a play dough. They are not ours to be shaped, their lives are not ours to be lived.

They have hearts, and the fire of desire burning within them. They have dreams and the craving to make them come true. They have their own way, their own route, their own journey, their own destination. And we have zero rights to push them towards South, when all they want is to travel the North.

We have zero rights to push them towards South, when all they want is to travel the North.

Let them be their own creator; own master. Let them assume any shape they want, be any object they want. Even if it is an irregular shape, even if it is an unwanted object don’t try to fix it up with your hands. Let them be. One day, they will become the greatest of all, and they will be proud they did it all on their own…

Let them be, for your job is not to define them. It is to defend them.

Your children are not the play dough. Don’t play with their lives and dreams… Just because you can.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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