Love. Betrayal. Redemption.


Author: Ravi Subramanian
ISBN: 978-93-85152-38-2
Genre: Romance / Drama / Mystery
Publisher: Westland Book
No. Of pages: 390

Well, let me start this by saying…. I absolutely LOVED it, in all capital letters. The four intermittent hours I spent (took a break for bathroom and prayer) on the book is worth it, really. Truly.

Ravi Subramanian had done a wonderful job on this middle age romance (or is it even romance? It felt more like mystery to me and a lot of drama) and must be given due credit… The play of emotions, fate, lust, betrayal, love and then the road towards redemption… Ravi had done a splendid job from the beginning of the novel, up until end.

The book captures the life of Aditya Kapoor, a best selling author, and his life-altering journey, when he unwittingly fall for the sexy, young (and maybe, slightly psychotic) Shreya Kaushik and how it damages his life.

I have some choice words for Aditya, but at the end, well, he may not (May) be that bad. The lies he sprouts to Maya wants me to twist his neck and kick him where it hurts the most (okay, I am bit too involved in books, but then the books which makes me think cruel thoughts and cry and scream are those that is really worth the time), but then when he turns over a new leaf, his anguish after he loses Maya (and, he is the only one to blame. Mr. Kapoor, don’t think I am letting you off the hook so easily) is really heartrending and made me think, he may deserve a second chance.

The character I loved most in the book is, obviously, Maya. Not because she is a victim of Aditya and Shreya’s relationship, but because she came out as a survivor (even if she forgives the B…… Aditya). She is the true hero of the story. Loves her dedication towards her family, her need to do something for the poor children’s education. She shines so bright, she takes most of my attention, away from everyone. The reason I thoroughly hate Aditya and Shreya is…. Maya. She is just so precious to be cheated with, but well, what do you know… Guess, guys are opportunist at the best of time (at least, most of them).

Shreya… Well, Shreya is Shreya. Willful, determined, oh, I love her spunk, her drive, but then… She is not someone I wish to be, wholly. She has a lot more than just being ‘other’ woman, but then she lost it all by just being that… the other woman. I’m extremely loyal to Maya that I can’t just forgive Shreya, but yes… We all have some of Shreya in us, that some portion we have to weed out. Shreya is messed up, and I pity her, even if I loathe her.

What I Love: A great plot, the mystery and the climax that left me with shock and surprise. Didn’t look at that perspective even once, and for a girl, who mostly guess the climax, I am pretty surprised the author has caught me off-guard. Well done. A great mystery with a dab of negative romance and positive ending.

What I hate: Would have love a little bit more of Maya and Aditya’s relationship and Aryan before Maya caught on to Aditya’s lies and his cheating ways. The love Aditya has for Maya is only visible after the chapter Maya confronted Aditya. Before that, he doesn’t even seem to be in guilt of his relationship with Shreya (he just falls at first time) and that… That made me hate Aditya more. I mean, he just rolls into an affair without any thought of Maya (and he says he loves her! Well, what kind of love is that???) and then pulls out and comes out as a hero, but in fact, he is just… Loathsome.

Ok, end with the rant on my hatred towards Aditya (even if Maya did forgive, I couldn’t). Yes… The book is so wonderfully penned, and leave you wanting to finish it in one sitting (as I did).

My rating for this so-not-romantic, but wonderfully paced, fabulously written novel is 4 out of 5.

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Ps. Thank you Blogadda for the great book and the chance to review it.

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