‘ Cochin – The Destination Of Peace & Prosperity…’

Paradise on Earth,
Green hung around,
A vial of blessed Earth
In every drop,
Wanders, the soul
Of human, dancing
With nature,
To the tune of Earthy scent…
Connects people’ hearts,
With its blessed beauty,
Drives souls to be just
As great, oh!
Cochin, #madeofgreat…

A lull in the air… The scent of blessed nature… Green everywhere we look… Peace in the slumbering fields…
Hubbub in the roads… The whirr of the ferries… Towering malls… People of all skin-colors… Beauty in the mix…

Yes!!! There’s such a beauty in Earth. With mixture of calm and noise… Yes!!! Cochin… The largest city of Kerala.

For so long Cochin is one city that inspired me, impressed me, soothed me and urged me… It is in the sprawl of green lands, the dance of trees, the large buildings. The endless newness and the eternal old… Cochin is a city that would drive you towards a goal with its splendor, tie you down in place with its serenity and make you want to achieve greatness with its magnificence.

Cochin is one city that is improved, yet untouched. Situated in God’s own city, Kerala, Cochin is the destination for nature lovers, like me.

Through years, Cochin has evolved with complexes, malls and multiplexes, but still there is something quite ancient about this beautiful city. A remnant of past, a lingering touch left by the brushes of ancient times, still untouched, undisturbed.

Cochin had been an intriguing place for travellers from all around the world for over 600 years… The beauty, the heritage, the culture and the abundant resources — it is not a wonder that the Portuguese, the French, the English found it captivating.


Nowhere else in India could we see such an intriguing mixture of new and old: giant fishing nets from China, a 400-year-old synagogue, ancient mosques, Portuguese modelled houses and the collapsing remains of the British Raj. The result is an unlikely blend of medieval Portugal, Holland and an English town crafted amidst the newness in Malabar Coast. The Queen of Arabian Sea, Cochin, boasts architecture and culture from around the world…

It is this beauty, this blend of art that makes the city more than everything else out there… it is this design of fresh and passed-out, that made Cochin one of the best destination for both nature and art lovers alike…

The historical towns of Fort Cochin and Mattancherry, though visited often by tourists, remain atmospheric, natural, drenched with the scent of nature and past.

The ferries, the boats that connects the Island, it is a mesmerizing route to travel, a place, one must visit.

It’s the busiest city, with busy airports, trades… The Cochin harbor is majestic, and boasts high trades, still now.

Chinese fishing nets- Those giant contraption is a sight to see during sunrise and sunset. A historical resonance, this net needs more that four people to operate… This spider like device spotting the sea is something everyone has to see and admire…

These fishing nets has always been a part of Cochin Islands, installed by the traders during AD 1400.

They sell fresh sea food around, and the sight and the smell is something one must not miss…

Image credit: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/

Cochin, the city with great economy and trade – Cochin is widely referred to as the commercial capital of Kerala. Cochin Stock Exchange, the only stock exchange in Kerala is located in Cochin. Federal Bank, the fourth-largest Private-sector bank in our country is found in the suburb of Kochi. It is one of the major online trading centres in India, and SEBI office is opened in Cochin.

This proud city is growing leaps and bounds.

Availability of electricity, fresh water, long coastline, backwaters, good banking facilities, presence of a major port, container trans-shipment terminal, harbor terminal and an international air terminal are some of the factors which accelerated the industrial growth in the city and its adjoining district.In recent years the city has witnessed heavy investment, thus making it one of the fastest-growing second-tier metro cities in Our Nation.

The harbor trades are vast and the major economic pay is brought on by tourism.

And this city has its greatest drive, growing rapidly, in both trade and tourism and thus enforcing me to do the same…

It’s location at the centre of Kerala made it a place where people can connect… The large harbors, the ship yard, the docks make it easily connectible with the world….

Cochin will always be that city that is #madeofgreat


© Ada

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