‘Baby Soft Skin…’

Soft and delicate skin is one of the best(est) of the babies. When grown ups wanted to have smooth skin, they’d say… ‘I want to have baby soft skin…’

Nothing quite matches the softest skin of a baby and nothing makes them stop being cranky if the said softest skin undergoes anything harsh and damaging. It is quite a feat, actually, to keep the baby soft skin as it is…

Baby’s skin are easily prone to harmful reactions. Be it a harsh weather, or a chemical talcum powder, their skin reacts almost instantaneously, and thus… This delicate skin of the world’s most beautiful creature has to be handled with proper care.

Mother’s all over the world aspire to keep their baby irritation free. So what are the steps one must avoid to keep the baby soft skin as it is…

Avoid Chemicals, Strong fragrances:

Chemicals are widely prevalent in everything we use in day to day life. This is true in most cases of baby products. So carefully avoid the chemicals… And if it is not possible, at least avoid the products that contains considerably high chemical contents.

Your baby’s skin is the costliest, the most precious… And it is okay to spend a huge fortune..If you can get a decent product out of it.

Ask your pediatrician about some suitable products, and clear your doubt with them about harmful chemicals.

Avoid using deodorants, strong-scented soaps on your baby to avoid itches, rashes etc.,

Avoid using baby powder often:

The fine grains of baby powder is not good for baby’s breathing track. It is not mandatory to keep the skin fresh. Just use lotions after the bath to keep the baby skin moisturized.

If you must use baby powder, avoid using it on baby’s face. Apply the powder only after you dried the baby well… Sometimes powder applied over wetness can cause itchiness, and thus red burns making your baby cranky and crying and making her soft, fragile skin irritable.

Avoid using strong detergents for baby clothes:

Avoid using strong detergents that may cause itches to baby. Avoiding skin rashes will keep your baby smiling and happy: Use a gentle and mild detergent to wash everything that touches your baby’s delicate akin.

Wash their clothes, beds, blankets and everything they use with gentle care… So as to avoid any irritation to their skin. It is better to hand wash their clothes or machine wash the baby clothes separately so as to avoid any spread of infection.

Avoid cheap, furry toys:

Oh… Who doesn’t like toys…. Not our young ones. Be careful while buying toys. Soft, cuddly toys are often preferred, but avoid low-cost fur toys whose furs can come off easily.

These fur dust almost always cause allergies to baby skin, and it can even mix with air and the baby can inhale the furs that may cause severe breathing troubles.

Coat-effective purchases are good, but not when coming to our baby’s health.

Use washable toys, and clean them often.

Avoid exposing your baby to extreme climates:

Cold weather causes skin to dry and peal. If the temperature is high… It is better to keep her inside.

Extreme heat and extreme cold is harmful for baby’s delicate skin. The baby skin is made pf extra soft tissues… And are easily injures.

Apply sunscreen with low spf-30 before exposing baby to sunlight and make sure the sun is not too hot that day…

Babies are delicate and be sure to protect them from harsher things… And keep them warm and safe and secure.

Avoid lousy diapers:

Don’t use cheap diapers that stay wet all around. Use dry diapers and keep your baby free of rashes…


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© Ada

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