‘Baby skin – To keep it soft…’

Oh! The beautiful creatures of God…
The melodious hymns of angels…
The sunshine and smile of humankind…
Their softness not matched by any…
Their smile brightens sad hearts…
What do we need to keep their smile ON???

Babies!!! The softest, sweetest angels, blessed to mankind. Their cuddly little face – if ever a human who dislikes the little bundle of happiness, I’ll gladly call them bad names.

To touch a baby, to feel her/his softest skin — oh, the velvet, the roses could never stand close to their skin. Every single time I touch a new born, I have this immense love pouring through me – they are the Divine blessing, to bless the world.

This tiny, fragile, velvet smooth creatures need protection from cruelty against their skin. Their skin is the most delicate, and even the harshest of pats can harm the skin — so how can chemicals that can injure grownups not???

Baby products these days come with all sort of Chemicals that can harm and hurt the baby skin — we would love to spend more on baby products, if only they give safest one for our little baby– to make the production cost the cheapest. It is really inhumane, if you ask me. Anyone who dares to add chemicals that can injure babies should be denounced.

As I step closer to motherhood… I wonder how I can keep my lil one safe and secure… How I can keep my lil one’s skin soft and smooth and hurt-free… It is a long journey in finding ways to protect her from devilry of chemicals, paraffin etc.,

Think Twice before selecting baby care products:

Baby brands that once stayed as top products are now condemned and criticized because of some heartless moves they made. Some of these chemicals are proved to be extra harmful for baby skin. So how can we select the products? Which products we can trust to be good for the silkiest skin of our babies???

Avoid baby care products that contain chemicals, dyes, fragrances…

Turn back… Read the label… once, twice, thrice before buying the products. Be mindful of them, because these products which we use daily can bring more harm than goodness to the softest of the skins, if we don’t search carefully.

The first time you use a baby product, watch closely to your baby’s reaction to them. If it makes him wail and cry, check for any allergies and if you find any, immediately change the product.

Use only products made especially for babies and avoid products contains paraben — a substance derived from wax that can injure the baby skin. And paraffin — a by-product of petroleum– that can break the soft skin.

Your baby’s skin is the precious of all, and she/ he will never be comfortable without a safe, comfortable baby products. Yes, do think twice before buying baby soaps, shampoos and lotions.

Keep the baby moisturized:

Baby’s skin get dehydrated so often, causing dry skin that might peel off. This will cause her irritation and make her turn cranky. Bath her daily in warm water — don’t use hot water on her sensitive skin. It may cause irritation, red hot welts on the smooth skin. Her skin is so, so delicate than ours, so watch out for the temperature of water before bathing her.
Add glassfuls of warm water if the water in the tub becomes very cold.

Avoid using fragrance, antibacterial soaps — they may be so strong for the delicate skin of your baby. Baby soaps made of milk is the best to use for bathing.

Baby’s skin need to be moisturized often, so keep a supple of body lotions in your stock. Apply it after you finish bathing, to keep baby’s skin soft and smooth.

Diapers and diapering:

Early morning, some kids wake up with tears. What might be the reason? Hunger? Wet diaper? To make the little ones smile with sunshine, use the diapers that doesn’t hurt their baby soft skin. Use diapers that will keep them dry, happy and comfortable. Dry baby, is indeed, a happy baby…

Don’t use irritating diapers, soggy ones and disappoint them so early in the morning.

Some diapers causes rashes and red burns on their soft skin. This will cause endless screams and tears.

It is best to use the trusted brands. These days, there were many diaper companies, but not all are trust-worthy to keep the baby skin super comfortable.

Don’t let your diaper-changing routine turn into a painful, irritating experience for your Baby.

Change your baby’s diaper frequently, wiping gently but thoroughly each time with baby wipes. Dab diaper cream on the bottom and sides to avoid rashes.

Make sure to purchase fragrance-free diapers in a size that is not too tight for the baby and cause chafing.

Recently my mom and I had a discussion about diapers. I asked mom about what diaper to buy for my upcoming baby — coming in two months. I asked her pampers or (…….).

Mom immediately replied pampers, because…. She said they are old and trusted and tested. I said okay.

Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy…

It is funny, but in my hometown, people often substitute Pampers for diapers. Somehow pampers had become synonymous to diapers and who am I to disagree to thousand parents around???

So… Use good diapers that keep your baby’s skin rash-free and irritation-free…

Clothing your Young Butterflies:

Dress them appropriately. Avoid clothes that might damage their skin. Of course, when the baby is born (especially a girl baby) we would want to clothe her with all things grandiose. But no, please. She is still too young for the harsh materials, still so soft for gaudy, netting dresses.

Buy cotton clothes. If necessary, buy costlier cottons, that can not absolutely harm the skin of our little butterflies. Her soft, smooth skin need proper care, careful attention to keep it soft, always.

Those little dresses, with cute and nice material is the absolute best for the babies.

Also use cotton for wiping clothes and blankets, and keep her skin smooth, silky and harm-free.

Baby massaging Oils for softest skins:

That delicate, soft skin, of course, needs care and attention. This fragile being with extra soft skin need something rich with goodness to maintain softness and protect the beauty of childhood. That’s where body oil comes in – In most of the Indian houses, massaging with baby oil is happening almost religiously. The massaging is said to be relaxing, and good for the baby’s skin. Baby oil is a wonderful product formulated for baby’s sensitive skin, not to damage, itch or create any unwanted changes in the skin of the baby. The oil not only nourishes skin and soothes tired muscles; it also relaxes baby into sleep.

But not all the oils are suitable for this fragile creature – whose skin is made of soft tissues. No. Many of these oils have artificial additives like paraffin, which can break the fragile skin of the baby. It will cause harmful reactions, thus leaving our bundle of joy in pain and irritation.

So we must use natural Baby Oils composed of Olive oil, sweet almond oil and everything available in nature. This will make sure that the skin we love to touch and cuddle and kiss will stay beautiful. Not only the natural oils protect skin, it also has additional benefit on baby’s growth and bone formation. Olive oil used in massages, said to have activate baby’s motor senses, and also they help in relaxation of muscles and joints.

Feed them properly, dress them with appropriate clothes, wear good diapers, choose good baby care items and let them stay blissful, happier, healthy and beautiful.

And let them spread the smile of sunshine.


Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy…

© Ada

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