‘Broken Melodies.’

Tap, tap, tap. Dance to
The music. You miss a beat.
Let’s start the routine once
Again, and get it right this time.

You miss a step again, a wrong
Move and bruise my hips,
A turn, and a twirl, and a stretch
And a fall. I am going down.

Wonder when you’ll catch
Not happening, realize too late
The fear catches on, and then
Pain encysts my bones.

Broken once, twice
Asking for a third chance,
You, you’re a little too much
For the broken heart I carry along.

Tap, tap, tap. Twirl in daze
Started anew, a tune of hope,
Vortical moves, and this time,
As well, you break the promise.

Fourth chance, you plead,
I now catch on with the lies,
How hard I try and bleed,
We’re going down the drains.

The keys are broken, and the
Melodies are unsynchronized.
This invalid song of ours is not
Perfectly tuned for a couple dance.

With the broken piano keys,
And a man who blesses me with
Only tears, how can I dance this
Love song, again and again?

This song has long become
Unmelodious. I’ll go now,
To find something unbroken.
To dance to a validated melody.

© Ada

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