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Help My Dream come True/ Read and Rate my Manuscript “SONG OF BLOOD” on Swoonreads.

Hey there, I am Ada and I have a request for you all.

Every readers out there, who loves reading as much as I do… I need a very big favor from all of you.

I have posted my finished manuscript on Swoonreads and it needs rating, and commenting.

Genre- Paranormal/ angel-demon/ YA

Swoonreads is the community where editors give preferences to the readers’ pick and so I invite you all to put your reader (&editor) caps on, and go on and read the story, and comment and then rate….

The manuscript is under this profile link. Ada Wiam, and if you press it you can find my submitted manuscript.


And here’s everything you have to do once you finished reading or once you thought there’s potential in the story, or the moment you started to fall in love.

First give me a heart rating… And your valuable suggestions and your thoughts on the story.


Once the three important things are done, you can do a little more for me by indexing it using swoon index meters. (How many tears,, laughs, thrills and passionate moments in the book can be scaled on the swoon index. Scale of 1 – 10))) and then leave a good comment if you like it, or a helpful comment if you have any ideas to improve it-


Direct link to the book : Song Of Blood

And of course, you can do something more for me once you finished it all. You can share the manuscript in various social media platforms and spread the news and spread some love and sunshine.

Thank you.

Please take your time to help a fellow writer/blogger/book lover out.

Loads of love,

© Ada


Eager to hear what's in your mind :)

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