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‘Add An Extra Dose Of Goodness To Baby Skin…’

Her beauty ethereal, unparalleled,
The joy of one touch, unmatched,

A fragile touch softer than silk,
Pure white skin of flowing milk,

Her skin made of velvets and roses,
What shall I do, to protect my princess?

Baby oil for message, toxic are they
Paraffin in plenty, harming her skin, nay!

That fragile skin needs adoration and care,
A touch communicating the love from core,

In that gentle massage, I want to give her
The richness loaded, a perfect bath to lure

That grin out of her, a toothless smile
Then the nature presented the holy grail

Oils of nature, rich in vitamin goodness,
The needed touch of mom’s gentleness

In a massage mixed olive, and almond
I care for her, her beauty kept in bound…

There’s nothing softer than the baby’s skin. It’s softer than a velvet. Touching a baby’s skin for the first time is absolutely soothing and softening. I still remember the time I have trailed my fingers along a soft, delicate skin of my nephews and nieces and wondered how their skin could be softer than a rose. That delicate, soft skin, of course, needs care and attention. That silky smooth skin needs proper protection to keep it as it is. This fragile being with extra soft skin need something rich with goodness to maintain its softness and protect its beauty of childhood.

That’s where body oil comes in – In most of the Indian houses, massaging the little bundle of joy with baby oil is happening almost religiously. The massaging is said to be relaxing, and good for the baby’s skin. Baby oil is a wonderful product formulated for baby’s sensitive skin, not to damage, itch or create any unwanted changes in the skin of the baby. The oil not only nourishes skin and soothes tired muscles; it also relaxes baby into sleep.

But not all the oils are suitable for this fragile creature – whose skin is made of soft tissues, softer than rose petals. No. Many of these oils have artificial additives like paraffin (a by-product of petroleum and a cheapest way to make baby oils), which can break the fragile skin of the baby. Paraffin is said to be toxic, even used in adult skins. How can these be used in such a delicate skin??? It will cause harmful reactions, thus leaving our bundle of joy in pain and irritation.

These paraffin is used in oils, so as to make the cost of production very cheap. But, our baby’s skin is not cheap – it is costlier than all. We must say no to these cheap oils, and get an extra dose goodness to the baby’s skin with the help of natural oils.

A just born, like a velvet flower, pink, delicate
And soft, ever little child brings the biggest smile,
A moment of delirious happiness. Carefully
Touching a finger on the little hand, and feeling the
Fragile fingers closing around your finger -Blessed
With a soft touch of silky smooth skin, did
She need something natural to protect her nature,
Not something damaging to cause her cry and scream…

Natural Baby Oils composed of Olive oil, sweet almond oil and everything available in nature. This will make sure that the skin we love to touch and cuddle and kiss will stay beautiful. Not only the natural oils protect skin, it also has additional benefit on baby’s growth and bone formation.

Remember those days – when our mommy used olive oil to massage our stomach when we have stomach aches??? Olive oil is naturally the most beneficial oil out there and to add it to the baby oil is a great way to assure that your baby’s skin is safe and sound. Olive oil used in massages, said to have activate baby’s motor senses, and also they help in relaxation of muscles and joints.

And then there is almond oil, rich with goodness, and can be a good source for the baby’s skin. Sweet almond oil is often recommended by doctors and dermatologist, and is more suitable for massaging the fragile skin of babies.

The almond oil is loaded with goodness. It is rich in Vitamin A, B2, B6. It also Vitamin E, which is important for a healthy skin. It has moisturizing and emolliating properties and keep the baby’s skin soft and smooth for a long, long time.

Almond oil also helps in relaxing tired muscles and bones of the little bundle of joy. Massaging them before sleeping hours can help in better blood circulation, and helps in the breathing process, as well, leading them to sleep contently and calmly.

It also reduces indigestion, and thus helps your baby to sleep peacefully without crying in pain.

While there are many advantages of using almond oil or sweet almond oil and olive oil, we have to keep in mind about one thing, so as not to harm the skin of a baby in anyway.

A baby’s skin is fragile and very sensitive to touch and you need to be extra careful while massaging him/her. Be very gentle and use soft strokes (remember that you’re touching something that is softer than a velvet). Start from the arms and move to the legs, chest, belly and back. Use only a few drops of oil, so that the skin absorbs it entirely. Wash off excess oil, if any.

A baby’s skin is its first show of innocence, and the beauty of the baby’s skin must be protected with natural richness.

Say goodbye to artificial mineral oils, and welcome the goodness of Nature with both arms… And let your baby enjoy the softness in a natural way.


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