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The Joys Of Baking

‘The Joys Of Baking.’

For a long time, in Bangalore, we have no oven. Thanks to indiblogger and indi happy hours, I saved enough vouchers to buy one. That day when the big bulky guy arrived at my doorsteps, I was on cloud nine. It is an LG microwave with convection type, and is 32 years old. I meant to say 32 litres 🙂


It was like a dream, finally touching something so big, yet so lovely. I have always loved baking, so you could imagine my blissful smile when I finally got a oven here. My oven was like a prized possession. It is hard to find a place to situate Mr. Oven, though… Biggy, biggy… Our apartment is too small for that.

But finally, after hard trials and some errors, we found a place for him. Then the flurry orders of bake wares… I couldn’t wait to make the first cake in my new Oven. Yup, I was like an over-excited child, but then…. Buying bake wares take its time. I couldn’t wait that looong…

It was my mom who reminded me of the ‘Borosil Bake and Serve’ dishes I won in a contest held by Indiblogger and borosil. Yippeee… I’ve totally forgotten those dolls.

So I unwrapped the gifts (After a long time!) and cheerfully started my first baking expedition with those beautiful glasswares, totally fit for baking.


It felt exactly the same – that experience. That unaltered joy of breaking the eggs… Beating the butter and sugar till fluffy… Measuring the milk… Adding the flour and binding it in egg and butter…. Adding vanilla extract… It is like a beautiful meditation. A serene calmness wraps around me whenever I do the baking.

After another five or so days, I got my order from flipkart – Molyf silicone cup cake moulds… They’re so adorable and flexible. Easy to use and remove cakes… I loved it!!! Colorful, reusable and cost effective….

ChocoChip Brownie...

Finally… The best moment of baking, you know what it is…. Yes, it is when you cake slowly starts to raise, filling the whole home with its essence. That mouthwatering aroma mixing in the air, wafting past the nostrils… Putting you on alert, and eager… For when it will be ready and when you’ll get a taste of it.

I love waiting for the cake to finish baking…

And yes, the final moment when the curtain is removed… When the cake is done, a crisp exterior and a spongy interior and when I cut the cake, I will sing a song. It is really exciting…


The ultimate end is when I take my first bite… Oh, what a feeling!!!

The joys of baking is endless…. And I love, love, love it.

Oh, on a final,grateful note, thanks to all the food bloggers out there… Who puts endless recipe for endless cakes. They make my baking experience less repetitive and more adventurous. I love to try different varieties of cake… So, yes, thank you guys! I appreciate you all.

© Ada


5 thoughts on “The Joys Of Baking

  1. Oh they look yumm. I have always wanted to bake cakes. But we don’t have an oven. We do have a microwave, but I see you cant do the regular baking in it 😦 Someday soon.


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