‘It’s Time to be Grateful.’

It is getting closer to iftar. As I sit here, feeling thirsty and hungry….

I remember the people from under developed countries who have no food or pure water, not a single day…

I remember the unfortunate sisters and brothers and little darlings out there, who always feel the hunger, even during the normal day…

I remember the people who have afflicted by natural calamities, and have to wait eagerly for the helicopters to drop the food on them….

I remember the war announced areas, where people eat smoke and death, instead of a proper meal, suffering in pain and tears…

And I am ashamed of myself. Ashamed of living a life in almost ‘Luxury’ and still complaining about, little, useless things. I am ashamed that I whine for not having a slice of my favorite, expensive cake, when some people around me don’t even have a banana to feed their children and stop their crying.

I am too ashamed to admit that I have never been properly grateful for the life I had. I am too ashamed to admit that I have been a selfish being in my journey along the way of life…

I have never thanked enough for all the blessing showered upon my life…

Never thanked enough for the little mercies poured over me…

Never thanked enough for all the food I ate, all the drinks I drank…

Never thanked enough for all the clothes I wore…

So it’s time… To reflect upon my actions and correct my mistakes…. To stop being too immmersed in myself… To stop being whiny and discontent… To stop being selfish… To be grateful for the life I have.

Thank you Allah, for all that you’ve done for me. I know, I don’t often appreciate… I know I complain to you, often about the hardships of my life, but I promise, I have never once thought that I am not BLESSED.

Thank you, Allah, for giving me a beautiful life.

It’s time for you too… To be grateful… To thank the Almighty God (Your God) who has created, provided and loved you through all your good and bad…

And please Allah, shower the same blessings upon the millions of unfortunates around the world, and raise their level of living… Stop their sufferings, and save them with your love.


© Ada

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