‘To Say Unsaid Words -#HugYourDad!’

Time steals away the sweet innocence
Sows distance in connected hearts,
Silently destroys special bonds.

Time kills away the connection of family
Grown-up, I am, have forgotten the child
I once was. A daddy’s lil princess.

Time shadowed the kindness in hearts,
Cropped the poisonous ego in the soul,
And crippled the base of pure love.

Yes, Time brought me to a wide world
Where I’m ashamed and humiliated
Even to offer a comforting hug.

Because, I’ve spread my wings large,
Flew far away from the shelter of home,
And back in embrace, felt childish.

In the borders I crossed, Time flew me
Away, independent, a new seedling
Not necessarily in need of old love.

As I transcend, a new mountain, some
New boundary, old stories I’d written
Together become a faded photos.

Finally tired of this race I ran and ran,
Fast and endless, I sat in a sad place
And closed my worn-out eyes.

Finally at peace, I sighed, thinking
Why I feel lonely. Then, I heard a whisper,
My daddy’s words of hope & promise.

I remembered then, the time I fell hard
And he was there to say a silly story
As he bandaged my bloody knees.

I remembered then, the time I cried
For things not needed and how he
Always bought it regardless.

I remembered then, how he promised
To be my shelter forever, and bid me a
Farewell, as I flew away from home.

I did find a new world, but would I
Even have survived the cruelty without
His wisdom, leading me straight?

I did know now to stretch my wings,
But would I’ve flied without the teacher
Who taught me how to flap the wings?

In the fast sweep of life, yes, I forget
That my dad silently stood beside, a
Guard to protect me from every fall.

In the fast pace of this world, I forget
That my dad has sacrificed so many
To give me much more than he can.

Oh yes, I did, forget the life he gave
The stories he narrated when bored
The wounds he plastered when injured.

Oh yes, I did forget, the comforting
Hugs he offered when I was broken, the
Strength he gave when I felt weak.

Oh yes, I did forget, the conch we’ve
Collected in beach, the laughter I had
Laughed because of him, his love.

So, this father’s day, I really wish to
Write a new part in our old novel
With love as the ink, a HUGGY story.

This father’s day, I’ll lovingly draw my
Family portrait, with the brush of
Warmth, paint the Art of Embrace.

This father’s day, let me tell you
Why hug is the best gift, because
I have forgotten the touch of love.

This father’s day, let me tell you
Why I must hug, for hug fortifies the
Old bond, and saves it from destruction.

This father’s day, I desire a hug
More than he deserves, for I’ve lost
The feeling of his care, somewhere.

This father’s day, I owe him a hug,
Because he gave up so much for me
And never felt bad about it.

This father’s day, I want to feel
The protection in my dad’s shoulder
For all those yesterdays I missed.

This father’s day, let me hug my dad,
Once & for all, because I’ve forgotten
To thank him for his sacrifices.

This father’s day, I have to hold him
With warmth, delivering back the
Love he have offered tirelessly.

This father’s day, I will embrace the
Days of my childhood and love of dad,
And whisper a silent ‘Love You.’

This father’s day, my hug is the
Real present, because, a hug is
The key that unlocks locked hearts.

This father’s day, my hug was all I’d to
Offer, to put a very big smile on his face,
That a million dollars can’t.

This father’s day, my hug is the
Best gift, because, a hug connects
Soul, and communicates unsaid words.

Unsaid words… Of strong gratitude,
Eternal love. A hug can say all this and
More without any single word.

And It Did… Happy Father’s Day, Papa.

Watch the video and enjoy it. You’ll… Enjoy!!!


This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.

I am participating in the ‘#HugYourDad’ activity for Vicks in association with BlogAdda.

© Ada

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