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Spring In The Air -#SmellyToSmiley :)


‘Spring In The Air -#SmellyToSmiley 🙂 ‘

Say Goodbye to smelly home and welcome the sweet scent of freshness…

Who wants to celebrate something wonderful in a smelly home??? No one.

It was an important day, that day! A day, every girl will cherish. A prelude to the future of a marriage between two strangers. A meeting between two families, that’d one day be connected by the relationship between their son and daughter – a family dinner. Two families, who were strangers up until the day a marriage was signed between me and him, was going to meet and talk and laugh.

The day dawned, rain clouds hanging in the sky. Overcast. For a girl who loves her dose of rainy days, it isn’t that unpleasant. I walked around, carrying the smell of rain clouds and a scent of romanticism, a bounce in my steps; a smile, bloomed wide in my lips.

The morning hour went past in cooking various dishes and making snacks and drinks. The afternoon hours rushed past with the cleaning of the dirty dishes.

Evening saw us running around, arranging the table, placing the silverware and China dishes in exact positions and then correcting it again.

When it was all over, everyone laid in the bed, relaxing, while I ran around the home… Looking for something… Something, that felt so unappealing to me – even though the wall and the floor looked squeaky clean, even though the decorations and the floral bouquet at the middle of the table looked pleasing, I knew something was wrong.

What in the world was the thing that tickles my senses, in a bad way?

I went for the hunt…

What is that smell??? I bent down and sniffed around the kitchen and suddenly there it was… Screaming at me-

‘Lookie here, I am the trash you collected for three days. The rotten tomato, the wasted rice, the peal of mangoes, and everything you discarded. I am overridden with bacterias and insects and worms and I stink!’


It smelled like a dead rat and the smile I carried along disappeared in a moment. It smelled foul and anybody who walked in now would absolutely want to walk back out.

What a nice way to welcome my new family!

I was sure they’d absolutely hate me and this evening if I forced them to sit in my smelly house. What should I do now??? I didn’t want to put these important guests through that kind of torture. REALLY!!!

‘Why in the world no one emptied the garbage bin for three long days???’ I shouted only to hear one lazy voice answering, ‘The garbage truck is absent for three days. It’s like waiting for something so important… Eyes on the road… Uff, this Bangalore garbage truck has become the rarest of guest… Huff.’

I didn’t know how to reply for that lazy answer.

It’s not just the garbage though. The whole home smelled strange and ugly, saturating the beauty and making the place smelly.

‘What the?’ I continued the hunt again…

‘Lookie here, we are the souls of the prawns and fishes you fried. Circulating around… With masalas, accompanying us…’

‘…creating bad odour!’ I sighed. My mom always use exhaust fan, but why in the world the smell still circulating inside?

‘Lookie here, I am your brother’s dirty sock, which he left yesterday before going out and there in my side is his gym clothes, sweaty and grimy.’ From the corner, a pathetic, dark brown (which was once a white) sock said.

Garbage can… The smell of fried fishes… Dirty sock and gym clothes… The day to day smell we lived with suddenly looked like a monstrous trap that day.

As if I hadn’t had enough, there’s something else… Some wet, disgusting smell from the room. The stench was putrid.

‘Lookie here, I am the clothes hanger. Carrying the clothes you dried inside the room, because it is raining outside.’ It smelled soggy and nauseating.

The girl who always sang ‘Rain, rain come again…’ Almost shouted, ‘Rain, rain, go away!’

My maami (aunty) called out, ‘open the windows, and it won’t smell as bad…’

‘Yes, aerate the room, and the stench won’t be so strong…’ An educated sister said.

Yeah, done that and not pleased with the result.

‘Sprinkle some floor cleaner or phenyle around the trash can…’

For what! Instead of bad smell, it’s now going to smell like a bathroom or hospital and that’d be too bad.

‘Where is the room spray we use!?’ It is my amma (mom).

I have never liked room sprays, for they are thick, concentrated and strong. And mix it all with the household odour we enjoy daily, the result is puke-inducing. But not having any other choice, I became Sherlock Holmes and searched for the room spray, only to come up with… yeah, you guessed right. An empty bottle. I tried, though, hoping it would work. What came out was gas and a ‘puff, puff’ sound.

I was on the verge of crying, when my mom came out with incense sticks. ‘We’ll light it, and there won’t be any bad smell lingering in the air, anymore.’

‘I am allergic to smok……’

There was a knock at the door. I was panicking. It was not the time yet, but had they decided to arrive earlier!?

My sister opened the door, and thank God, it was a friend from my neighboring home.

She looked at my worried face and harried state… ‘What the! You’re not ready yet? You look as if the garbage truck had just run over you…’

‘How I wish a garbage truck shows up right now…’ I whined.

‘What’s the matter?’

I explained my dilemma to her, and she smiled. Yes, after hearing to my tragic narration of odours strangling my home and how my in-laws and future hubby would walk away with displeased frown, she just smiled.

‘Oh sweetie, don’t worry. You go and get dressed. I’ll be back in five minutes.’

I was afraid that she was running away at the time of my need. I walked inside the room though and started dressing, completely discarding the smell of my smile. And added a second dose of body sprays just for the heck of it…

‘Ta-da…’ She came in. With a room spray… I didn’t feel that happy, but whatever… I allowed her to do whatever she wished to.

It was hard to smile after smelling those seriously disgusting odours.

‘Baby, this… It will magically eat all the smell. I’ll add the sprig of lavender everywhere, and you’ll feel the new blooms of flowers in every room… You’ll feel like floating amidst the lavender field…’

She talk too much, and that of nonsensical words. I huffed and walked away.

It was exactly seven. I was holding on to my breath when the bell rang and the breath I was holding in, I let out.

And that was when an interesting magic happened.

Where was the smell of the dirty sock and sweaty gym shirt? Where was that bad tinge of cooked fishes and prawns and masalas? Where was that smell of rotten veggies from the trash can? Where was the wet clothes that complained?

It was completely fresh. Just like Divya said. It is liberating, beautiful and it felt like a garden of Lavenders had just been relocated to my backyard. The fresh smell of vanilla, the pure aroma of violets permeating in the air… It was magical.

A delightful smell, totally eating away at all those stenches occupied the air in my home. My home now smelled of pleasance and comfort.

I inhaled twice and wore back the smile I discarded.

The air was fresh, and springy. Though it was drizzling outside, the inside was completely free of foul odours. The place was trickled with a soft and light scent. Not so strong and disturbing like my room spray, but mild and warming.

And add with a pleasant music, and gray clouds and the smell of lavender, and him and I staring at each other, eye to eye, forgetting the whole world around – it was romantic.

The evening was a success and I had seen them sniffing the air and smiling, instead of frowning. One of his aunts even asked about ‘what’s that beautiful smell???’

When it was over, the first thing I did was thanking my friend and asking what was that she had brought from her home?

‘This…’ She smiled showing me a bottle. ‘I didn’t bring it from home. When I visited my aunt’s home a week ago, there was this pleasant smell and I asked her about it and she said she uses this brand of air freshener. I thought that would solve your problem today. So… I rode to the super market and grabbed one for you. Now pay me back my money.’

She handed me the bottle of air-freshener, and I kissed it twice. It saved my day, literally. And I paid her twice the amount!!!

My all time favorite - Lavender vanilla & comfort, stocked at home 🙂

From then on, I was seen to stock my home with Ambi Pur, of my favorite fragrance- lavender vanilla and comfort, so not to lose my smile and go through trouble in another one of those important days…


I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur

You have to check it out, and make your home smell beautiful…

© Ada


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