Those lullabies
I wrote, I wished
To sing just for you

Hush, sleep tight, baby
With the warmth of God’s
Embrace closer to you

Those lullabies
I painfully crafted
And hoped to whisper

Don’t fear the darkness
For Angels protect and
Guard over you, baby

Those lullabies
Of melodious music
Of heartfelt love

Hush, don’t cry baby
I will win all the monsters
And save you from them

Those lullabies
Still unsung, ringing
At the depth of my heart

Hush, Close your little eyes
Hold my fingers with yours
And walk into the dream land

Those lullabies, I never
Had a chance to sing
Bleeding in my broken soul

Those lullabies, unsung
For you have said your goodbye
Without even arriving

Image credit:

© Ada

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