Celebrating Musical Moments with #MaxFreshMove


‘Celebrating Musical Moments with #MaxFreshMove’

It was one of the day when sun hung above your head, melting the brain from the outside. The sun was vicious, as if it had pledged to incinerate all the insignificant beings, who didn’t deserve to live on the Earth.

And I was bored and bothered that day. I just had a fight with my husband and then with one of my friends. It was stupid to start with, but when started, it grew big and suffocating.

As if it was not enough, I kept thinking about my failures, one by one, depressing me further. Yes, at moments, my life just doesn’t make sense anymore and my efforts in doing something good with words always fell short with big people and their big victories. I felt helpless, frustrated and wanted to pull my hair out.

That was when my phone rang, pulling me out of the gloomy mood.

It was a friend, and she was calling about a private party. She invited me. I was excited. I mean a private party? And that in a beautiful beach location? Yah, I said okay, just to see how it will go.

When we reached the party, the crowd was going crazy. Everywhere I turned there’s chaos and mayhem and laughter and music.

Music… My friend pointed out the woman standing at the stage.

‘…that is Anushka Manchanda¡¿’ My mouth went open.


She continued to sing, in her beautiful voice. The music and the voice mixed together to form some enthralling sensation in the crowd.

Suddenly gloom forgotten, I stared at her, slowly murmuring the song along with her.

What A Voice She Has!!!

It is enriching and magnetic. A slightly scrapped record, spinning over an old gramophone, pleasing and pleasant and absolutely fresh. I just couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the alluring voice of hers.

But, after fifteen minutes into the party… Someone announced in a booming voice…

‘Now to the second big surprise…’ I was looking eagerly at the stage. Someone appeared in the dark. All I could see is some body movement.

Then Anushka’s voice started afresh and the glittering lights poured in, showering a guy in the stage. His legs were moving fast, faster and his hips matched.

‘This guy…’ My friend was sputtering by my side.

I had seen some of Allu Arjun’s song and dance moves, as my hubby usually watches Telugu movies. Since I didn’t know the language, I usually wouldn’t join my hubby, but I know how the guy could dance. Also I love this opening scene from ‘Race Gurram.’

Yes, he is made of rubber!!! And that guy sure knows his moves… His moves were sensational, and that girl I was an hour ago, now totally had forgotten what she had been thinking about. What failure!!! When happiness is easily affordable, why think of sorrows?

I let go of the gloom pressing in my heart, and started to wear a smile on my lips.


Now, the party was getting louder and funkier. Anushka singing, and Mr. Rubber moving to her beats, the twist, the turns and the somersaults (Hip, hip hurraaayy!!!) The moves are difficult, but he knows the art of mastering them, in perfect sync with Anushka’s music.

The backdrop of light, noises… Gray evening… Become colorful with this ‘private concert’ Anushka and Allu Arjun performed & then I knew… How pumping and energizing a song and some dance move could be to revitalize us and pour some freshness into the heart and soul, lighting them with happiness.

When I drove back to home, I was singing along with my friend.

A song that soothes
And singes

A music that calms
And ruffles

A melody that is soft
Yet so high

Dance, dance, dance,
Dance to the music

Dance, dance, dance
Dance in the rain

New dawn dawned
New lights switched

New horizons touched
New dreams found

Dance, dance, dance,
Dance to the music

Dance, dance, dance
Dance in the rain

To the magnetic pull
Of that voice

That soothes and singes
That calms and ruffles

Not a good poet, I am… But this poetry is dedicated to Anushka, and that one evening of magical experience.



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© Ada


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