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Rewarding My Skin…


‘Rewarding My Skin…’

Keeping our skin healthy and shiny is one our priorities. You know, how it can be very difficult at times? In day to day life, and the hurry burry of activities, most of us don’t have any time to keep the skin at its best. Walking to spa, spending considerable amount of time, closing eyes and waiting for it all to be over… Some of us might hate this. I do…

Apart from that, we also spent time looking out for natural things that may become a solution for our skin problems. Of course, I had my shares of face-packs dug out from my own kitchen. For dry skin, for pimples and the list goes on… For leaving it uncared for so long – I did deserve these facial problems, of course, I do. But at the end of the day, when I finally want to look at the mirror, I could see how I have neglected my own skin, written clearly on my face.

Not only me… My sister has long lists of packs as well, and she quote and laugh, ‘Destroying  pimples from my face, and then only my soul will rest in peace!’ I had seen her using garlic, tomato, lemon, and baking soda, for removing pimples. Nothing worked, though. It is a hard and long process.

Aside from this, using some of the promised ‘Removing-pimples-within-a-blink’ Face washes have also affected my skin, forming dry patches here and there. I really hate the feeling of touching my skin now. The result for trusting them ads!!!

It’s that time when a friend of mine told me about reward me site. And I have subscribed to the news letter on Reward Me and got my share of free reward from it, a physical reward of shampoos, napkins and other P&G products.

But the physical rewards are less entertaining than the… Digital rewards sent through e-mails. Yes, after the newsletter subscription I got lots of tips sent to my mailbox and lots of contest invites. I usually visit the page and read different tips there.

It was when I stumbled upon the article, ‘Five best skin exfoliators from your kitchen’ in the Beauty Section – under Skin Care. It was like a treasure dug deep from the ground. It was what I have been looking for, so long.


I really hated using artificial things after my failed experiment with some of the face washes – I know, blaming all the beauty products just because one failure is kind of unfair, but I don’t have enough trust in the brands to let my face upon these tortures again, even if the results might come a positive… So I’ve been wanting to find natural means to put a full-stop to my skin problems and that was when this article dawned upon my night.

1. Using coffee and sugar – as per the tip, mixing coffee and sugar, grinding them and applying them on your face remove blackheads, clogs, pores or whatever from your skin, leaving it pure. I have started using this technique and could see the definite changes happening upon my skin. (Will update the result after some weeks.)

2. Oatmeal and milk – this is the most pleasing face pack for me, because, we have enough oatmeal at home and no one to eat it :/ So, I am planning to grind the oats and keep it in jar and then use it daily. (Will update after I try it for the first time)

There’s also olive oil & sugar pack; lemon & honey pack…

And I am hoping to get a great result out of these natural exfoliators. My only relief is that of knowing…. Even if they don’t workout on my skin, it will not torture my skin, and leave it further damaged. But… Trust me, it has already started working a little and so I have put my trust upon Natural Products to cure me off my skin troubles.

Also I read another article and going to really try these tips out. They are also natural packs to remove dry skin and make it polishing… 7 Natural Face Packs To Make Dry Skin Disappear.

And that’s not just it -> during my birthday on May 20th, I have an e-mail newsletter from reward me, with some tips for hairdos and makeups, to make my special day much more special… You know, it’s so sweet, helpful and like an unexpected surprise.


Thank you reward me, for rewarding my skin 🙂 And also for making my day more special with the hairdo and makeup tips. 🙂
I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

© Ada


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