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Saying Goodbye… …


‘Saying Goodbye… …’

Saying goodbye doesn’t end all,
The memories, the moments,
Walking towards the ending line
Doesn’t erase all the beginnings.

Standing at the top of the big
Mountain, you let go of my hands,
Jump, you call out, my fears
Shrieked as you turn your back.

Rewind, you say, and delete it.
Where, in the damn life, would I
Find that button in my heart???
Are you blind to see, or just cruel?

Cut the drama, you shout, harsh,
Bleeding heart, you never see,
You were once my wings, but
Wounded, now, I am free-falling.

Ground is coming closer, and
I look up, your face in the clouds,
Find your own legs, you command,
Those unused legs, finally grow out.

I stand, still injured, painful thrums,
Ready to die, than live without you,
And you laugh loudly, that’s where
You went wrong in love, my dear.

You didn’t love, you were so lost
In me, you lost yourself, and easily
Gave-up. You say in a fond voice,
I want you to find your own legs.

Go fly, find the wings you shed,
You push me, away from you,
In your sad smile, I know it hurts,
Are you insane, or just in love?

Expand your horizon, go seek
Your destiny. You say, Real love
Doesn’t bind you; kill your dreams,
And I love you, with all my heart.

It is hard, but you make sense,
I know I used my all to please
You, and lost myself somewhere
Along that line. I understand, now.

Saying goodbye, doesn’t always
Mean a sad end, sometimes it
Will start a new beginning, still
Memories of you shall never die.

Say goodbye, my dear, I shall now
Leave your wings, and find my
Own. But don’t fly faraway, because
One day, I’ll definitely fly back home.

Say good bye, my love, I shall now
Depart from your embrace, and face
The hard world, all by myself, but
Know, I will fly back to your arms.

This good bye isn’t the end, it is
My new start. Bid me farewell, and
Kiss my lips, once, love, and I shall fly
Away, with your belief in me, as a guard.

To live my own dreams… …
To find my own destiny… …
To write my own story… …


Β© Ada


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