‘Mom -My Expert Magician!’
– the first and best expert magician in my life, who can get everything done…

Mother, the only being who can love us still, after seeing the darkest part of our soul and the grimiest secrets in it, because, she is created to love US, no matter what. – Ada.

Mom, that expert magician,
Who can make disappeared things
Appear out of nowhere,

Mom, that expert magician,
Who can solve not only my Math
Problems, but all the others,

Mom, that expert magician,
Who can bring a delicious taste out
Of everything she cooks,

Mom, that expert magician,
Who can change an absolutely bad day
Into good, by just being there,

Mom, that expert magician,
Whose love can heal, and remove the
Aches deep in the heart,

Mom, that expert magician,
Whose words can bring a new ray
Of hope, and happiness,

Mom, that expert magician,
Who can do anything for me, without
Asking anything in return,

Mom, who is without a
Magic wand, and a cape, but still
She is a Magician, and a Superwoman.

Mom & Me- Our story, the one that started when I was first created, a small tissue, without hands and legs, inside her darkness and security, has no ultimate end. It will go on and on, until the very end of the world, because, mom and me, we are bonded for eternity.

My mom is the first person I’d run to when I need or want something, because I know she’d get it all done for me. She’s the pole star in my life – the one that’d lead me back on track when I am lost in the darkness. The anchor that keeps me ashore and protects me from huge tides. In this world, where people changes constantly, she is always constant.

I am grateful for having a mom like her, a mom who supports regardless of everything. Who gives me things I want, but rejects the things I want, which is not really good for me. She knows what’s good and bad, and she lets me to decide, but like a guard, she stands by me to protect and safeguard.

She’s the chief cook who cooked me into a better human. The master sculptor who carved me into a great person. If it is not for her, I’d have become someone I hate. Would have become lost in the wide world, without having a chance to find the right way. Thanks mom, for holding my fingers until I can walk on my own, yet, continue to walk behind me, ready to catch me when and if I fall…


When I think of the moments she has been there for me, a pillar to catch the wavering me, I can’t help but smile and be thankful for her. Thanks mom, for the love you have showered over me, without expecting anything back from me.

The lessons I learnt from her words and actions will always stay in heart.

At the young age of greed, when we want all for ourselves, she taught me that sharing a biscuit from the snacks box with a friend is the action of a good girl. That sowed the desire to share and desire to give charity to others, when they need.

When I first started to read, she helped me to pronounce some difficult Tamil words and educated me about the value of reading. Later when I grew up, all thanks to her, I became a bookworm.

When playful actions stopped me from praying on time, she used words and sticks to teach me that Almighty God is the most important in this shaky life, that He is the lifesaver, when the ship is sunk.

Told me how honesty always wins,
When I decided to lie to escape.
Told me why sharing is the best,
When I wanted all for myself.
Told me why I have to give charity,
When my piggy bank filled.
Told me why to respect the elders
When I called them names.
Told me how to always have hope,
When I lost my confidence.
Mom, you taught me about the
Things school books didn’t.
Mom, you made me a better human,
Who’s, now, happy with herself.

My mom would certainly remember…. those days when I was an absolute good for nothing when coming to Math. It was the day I got my Math paper when I was in sixth standard. The score was, like every time, in the lower end of the spectrum.

We were in my aunt’s house. I was standing faraway from her, and knowing this would be the right chance to confess the sin of scoring a low mark, I yelled, ‘Mom, I got the Math paper. I scored 94.’

My cousin yelled in front of the crowd, ‘Aunt, put the last number first and the first number last… And you got her marks.’

I was so scared. When we went back home, I was expecting her to scold me for both lying and for the low scores, but instead she sat with me and asked me why I did so poor in Math. She joined me in the tuition, because she knew she can’t help me with it. It was surprising, the lousy student who always got ranks in two digits, bagged the second rank at the annual exam. I did. For her.

When I was awarded with the prize, my mom was the happiest one. This happiness in her eyes was the first thing that pushed me to study a little more. To get more prizes. How would I not want to see her smile, because I had succeed??? Yes mom, you are the boost I needed to move forward, even in the biggest of troubles. Because… I know, you’d never hesitate to catch me when I fall down.


Yes, there are many beautiful memories… And the heart-moving ones. They always made me feel nostalgic.

It was the day everyone had been waiting for. Tenth standard exam results. The score was a virtual bomb dropped over my head. I was a minute away from explosion, and was looking at my mom, and then I started to cry. My mom hugged me and then she started crying with me. It is not alright for me, but then she said ‘it’s alright’ and I chose to believe. She said that it’s all for the good. The mom who nitpicked on my exam papers and questioned why I got low score during class exams, just said ‘It’s okay. It’s alright.’ Then I knew… She could understand me, better than anyone else.

After that, I was scared to study. Scared to go to school. I don’t know why, but it was scary for me. I often got anxiety attacks — losing breath, low blood pressure, trembling hands and legs, and crying without any reason. My eleventh standard was a pure hell for me. But then, there was my mom. My support system. My haven, who’d protect me regardless of the sun, storm or flooding rain.

One day, she sat with me and said, ‘You do whatever you can. No one is going to blame you for getting low marks. In fact, you can do more than everyone, but… If you can’t, it is okay, as well. I won’t say a word, and won’t let anyone to say anything.’

I also remember…. Most of the days, before my Biology exams, I was always in the hospital, an IV bottle strapped to my nerves, feeling beaten and worn-out, with absolutely no strength to sit up. All those days, my mom would sit with me in a hard-backed hospital chair, a page of my zoology book opened, holding the book in front of my face so that I could read at least something. Her hands would have hurt, she’d have been in pain, but she’d never show it in her face. She’d feed me, hold the book for me, and walk to and fro from home to hospital… She’d even go all the way to school to tell my teacher not to say anything, even if I get low marks. She did it all for me, just so I wouldn’t feel scared or forced by anyone else. If it’s not for her, I would have become broken, a long time so. But, she strengthened me, just by being there for me.

When I think of those days now, I could feel her love for me in her every single action. And that is what leave me with a smile that tastes of salt.

She is wonderful. She is like my own set of magic wands, always doing impossible things for me. Always getting things done in my stead.


I was way too shy back then, and I couldn’t even ask my dad for anything. So she was the one I would go-to, whenever I need anything. She acted as the wired mail between me and my dad, and get me things I needed, without any complaints.

Before the twelfth public exams, my mom was the one who’d wake up first. She’d pray and cry – I had heard her praying for me. Praying to God to give me strength. She’d sit with me when I learn through the books, and when she’d notice a small sign of change, she’d close my book and bring me Carrot juice. Carrot juice, because… She said, she had read somewhere that Carrot juice is good for health and mind.

I didn’t expect, but my twelfth result was a sweet surprise. The girl who couldn’t do simple Math well, once in her life, got 200 out of 200 in Math. You know, who was happier than me, of course…. She. And I was happy that I had showed her that I could do things, with her support.

My dream is to study Engineering. But after realizing that money has become a problem, and my parents couldn’t pay that much, I buried that dream. Half a lakh was too much for us.

One day my mom came and asked me, ‘Do you really want to do Engineering? Is it really important to you?’

‘We don’t even have that much money, mom. I understand,’ I said. But deep down, I was very sad and I didn’t know how she read that sadness…

‘It’ll be alright. What money!!! You will study Engineering.’ I did. And with the Scholarship of 25K, from the Government, it had really become alright.


After marriage, she’d been blamed by many people for being spoilt me senseless. She did, too. I mean, I had never learnt to cook, nor had I learnt anything a marriage needed. And yes, this grown girl was often fed by her, as I write in my computer, with a hopeless dream of becoming a writer.

She encouraged me to write all I wanted and to publish my works, and was very willing to feed me day and night as I fritter my time away in writing. And yes, I was treated like a child, even after the marriage (Did I say, as per our hometown’s tradition, girls stay in our mom’s home. So I don’t have to leave my mom, even after marriage). How lucky am I!!!

But then the real storm arrived. I had to move to Bangalore, when my hubby got a new job. What… I cried and cried and cried the whole week and promptly fell ill. We postponed the date of journey to Bangalore, and my whole family came with me to Bangalore and stayed with me until I was finally settled there.

She has tried so hard to shape me to become a better human being, but on the other side, she had spoiled me without thinking about the consequence.

After being dependant on her for so long, it took me time to stand on my own. Bangalore was like a solitary confinement for me. And I’d suffered a lot. But, even through that, she helped me. I liked it when I learnt to cook, holding the phone on one hand and a spatula on others, doing everything she said — yeah, now put the garlic paste and chilli powder — it was wonderful, that first small steps of learning the art of cooking.

Even now, when I have a doubt cropped up while cooking, the first number I’d dial is my mom’s number. And hers is the only number I have memorized… I didn’t even know my hubby’s number by heart.

My mom is my support system. She is a beautiful blessing from the Almighty God. She did suffer a lot because of me. We were at loggerheads once in a while, but it is all part of the bond we share.


When I first started to walk,
She became my guide, holding
On to my fingers, strong.
When I first started to speak,
She became the only listener, who
Listened to all my mumbo jumbos.
When I first fell and scratched my
Knees, she became a nurse to plaster
My wounds with antiseptic and love.
She did everything in her power
To pick all the thorns in my road,
So that I wouldn’t get hurt.
Who is she?
Yes, She is My Mom.
My first expert…

Now, twice or thrice a week, we’d chat over the phone, and I’d tirelessly recite everything going on in my life… Because, it had become a routine. Telling her, even the unwanted details in my life, but she’d listen it all.


When I would call out loud, for my mother,
Whenever I am in pain, my hubby would ask,
‘Why are you calling her, when she’s faraway?’

I’d answer, ‘She’d have answered, when she’s near,
Do everything she could’ve done, to soothe my pain
So unlike you….’

Marriage is supposed to be a great deal in life.
It can even bring a girl away from her mother,
But even a lover can’t love more than a mother.

The eternal bond between a mom and a daughter
Is the greatest thing that stays forever in the world,
It is the stronger connection, from one soul to another.

Whenever I am feeling sick, I’d remember the time
When I was sick, back at home. There’d be my mom,
Who was sitting beside me, forcing me to eat.

And these days, whenever I am sick, I’d stare at my
Bedside, which was now empty. No one ‘d ask how I feel,
Or if I am alright, for hundred times, within an hour.

And those times, I’d miss my mom like nothing else,
When I am absolutely frail, and feeling the loneliness,
My heart would yearn for a soothing touch from her.

She’d have taken all the pain away, with a simple soup
Made with her love. She’d have cured all the illness
With that single word of consolation and a smile.

Yes, the love of a mother, it is bigger than all.
It encompasses the whole universe, filling
The cold corners with warmth and affection.

The love of a mother is the greatest in this world,
The biggest strength and support every soul needs
To trudge along the prickly lanes of life…

In this unstable world, of emotions, that flickers on and off… A mom’s love is like the light, that stays throughout… To guide us through all the dark corners of life.-Ada.

Yes, a mom’s love is better than all… Decades later, when hair grew thin and grey, she’d still be the only one who’d love me with all my faults. And care for me, like nothing else. Because, mom and me, we are bonded for eternity.
Images used in the post is created by me. Images © Ada Wiam. Created with Picsart.
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  1. beautifully written:) the bond that you both share is evident in ever word that you have written,I read it with a smile plastered all along,lovely:)yes MOM’s are best:)


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