‘Because Of You…’

In the dreams, decorated with stars,
Now, I find the stench of darkness.
Overpowering. I stumble, and search
To find a way out of my own dreams.
But the hands are cruel, always
Catching me, and holding on to me.

They refuse to let me go, even when
They know they’re hurting me, and
Not loving me. They deny of ever
Harming me, even after seeing the
Angry scars scattered in my heart.

They deride and mock and call me
A coward, but they never admit
They’re callous. They laugh in
Mockery, as I bleed dry in painful
Memories, and still say they care.

They are just like you, and your love.
They are you. And your love.

And because of you,
Even my dreams, the only place
I can relax and smile have become
A scary ghost…

And because of you,
The word called love, the thing
I trusted once and believed turned to
A killing poison…

© Ada

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