My Airtel App – Smart App for Smart People..


‘My Airtel App – Smart App for Smart People..’

Lazy people like me have been transformed into the laziest, because of the various applications and websites available out there. Do I detest it? No, in reality, I enjoy them, because they make my life much easier. – Ada.

I am an App addict. No arguments or second opinions there. My tablet has an unlimited apps, and as often than not, I’d receive an ‘insufficient-storage’ error message while trying to download. But that doesn’t deter me from downloading apps after apps, because I will do anything to make my life simpler.

In this smartphone era, the smart phones are made smartest with these applications, that will lessen the pressure, reduce the hassle and make our life much better.

My Airtel App is one such application to make the life of people like me, much simpler.

I was intrigued by this my airtel application the first time I saw the ad on TV. Shaking, shaking… Yup, that add, where people shake their phone, to get offers. It not only intrigued me, to be honest, it also confused me.

So I decided to check it out with the airtel app. I’d say that it has impressed me.


Surprise, surprise, All for me!


Not many applications provide offers for the money I pay for recharges, do they? I love the ‘Airtel Surprises’ feature on the app. It really is a surprise. For every recharge, they offer a coupon code, discount for buying in different outlets. Did I mention, I am a frequent visitor to flipkart, and these discounts and offers can reduce my monthly budget and can help me to save a little more than before. Why wouldn’t I like it, then? You tell me…
These coupon codes can be redeemed in various places, not only on Flipkart, people. You can go to an outing at Cafe coffee day and use the coupon to buy yourself a Lattè or can use the coupons at Amazon outlet or wherever else you want – you select the coupons you want to redeem…  So excited to do my first recharge… Hooray!!!

Easy Management of Airtel accounts…


I can manage all my airtel services at one place. No need to go here and there, and forget important tidbits and information. Yeah, I often forget this and that, and often get confused using various services at various places, but I hope… Now, the confusion will get down, and make me feel more organized about the services…

Safe and Secured…


The first thing everyone notice while downloading the application is to make sure it is safe, protected and doesn’t harm put phone. We will also make sure it is trusted and doesn’t put our safety on the road. And My Airtel is indeed safe and secured, for payments. No need to fear for the hackers or the phishing rogues out there. No need to fear for the safety of our bank account, because… Really, it is well protected and the payments are secured with a ‘sturdy’ lock. Oh, and it offers faster checkouts…
If you are like me, you’d have been annoyed when the bars keep going and going and going, before the checkout finally pops up. Save the tension, airtel has the quickest checkout.

So why wouldn’t I download My Airtel App???

Here’s my airtel app in my tablet drawer…


So… Download it, now, smart people and I know you’ll enjoy it.

© Ada


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