‘ To relieve Mom off her stress.’

Freeing mom from the stress
That presses her up and down,
Not easy. She is pressurized, by
The problems of all her children.

When one problem of one fades,
Another trouble of another arises,
If she closes the windows tight,
All her problematic doors open up.

Waking early in the morning,
Sleep is never her best friend,
And always late to bed at night,
That worn-out smile is still there.


Cook and clean and cook, she does
All the work with a smile, but
The hidden grimace in her heart,
That no one sees, goes unnoticed.

‘Mom, I am going to get failed.’
A lonely cry of her own girl, she
Hears, and wails along with her,
Hoping, praying the girl ‘ll pass.

‘Mom, my shoe is still dirty.’
The complaint of her son finally
When she’s resting, she puts aside
The book, and clean it for him.

‘Mom, how to cook this and that?’
The disturbing phone calls from
Another one, and she recites the
Same recipes, over and over.

She is stressed about how to marry her
Daughter off. About her son’s future
Education. About the money problems
And is it easy to make her forget it all?

She is like the ruler, of our home,
She has solutions for all the problems,
But, we can see the wrinkles in her
Forehead, and know that she is tired.

She is like an endless stream of energy,
But at the end of the day, she is not
A superman, she is still a human,
And she does hear the whine in her bones.


She maybe, a supermom to us, but
The pain in her body, the stress
Strangling her head, it will still be
Hard for her to bear and withstand.

So I want my mom to be free of her
Burdens. I want her head to be filled
Only with the soothing calmness. The
Clutter, of daily life, I want it to be gone.

She deserves to be free, to feel peace,
She, more than all, deserves the
Stress-free life. I want her to feel
The quiet serenity, deep in her bones.


Giving an aromatherapy massage, with
Parachute advansed aromatherapy oil,
A small gift back for her, for all that
She has ever done, and put upon her.

A soft and gentle massage, to soothe
The pain in her head, to relieve the
Stress building upon her brain, it
Will be a kind note of thank you.

My mom, yes she is always stressed, by
All our problems, and I feel the need to
De-stress her, for she needs to live a
Long, happy life, without burdens.

I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.

© Ada

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