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Pepsi Ads -My Vote goes to…

‘Pepsi Ads -My Vote goes to…’

This IPL, I have been watching many different Pepsi Ads on Television and been in love with some of them. Impressed by only one ad… It is so good it put some advertisements made by Ad agencies and Technically well-fit industrial agents to Shame.

Yes, I am talking about ‘That’ impressive and memorable ad – Living It.


Some ads made us feel connected. This ad is one of that, for me. It stirs some old memories of flying the kite, and living in dreams. The use of Pepsi, and showing it as a day-to-day prop used in all activities of life- What a well-thought Idea…

Have you seen some of those drinks ad? Like that one where a guy who wants to drink uses helicopter to bring the stock to the store…. Like that one where a guy fly all the way to the top of the mountain… Sometimes, they made me regret ever drinking that particular drink.

Ads are supposed to be feel-good and creative. But not all the brains think in the same way, and not all the people can give a big hit to hearts.

But… This ad… I fell in love with it the first time I saw it on TV, and now every time it pops up, and when my hubby is ready to change to another channel, because it is advertisement time, I force him to put it back, until this ad is over.

I am voting for it… Because…

Because… After watching it for more than twenty times, I still can feel the same feeling when I first saw it. Some ads I liked in the beginning will go outdated in my mind once the newness fade off. The time-limit is, maybe, 5 times of watching it. But, this one, really, really makes me happy whenever I see it.

Because… I just love that background voice. It is like a calming music to me. Soft, and raspy, and the words she say… It all just makes me want to close my eyes and enjoy the quietness in it. It is a peaceful experience. And that raw voice – am in love with it.

Because… I love all the scenes in that ad. Yes, that about two guys running in the terrace, using the Pepsi bottle to wound their thread, that man in the beach, adding spice to ‘Sundal’ with the Pepsi bottle, that girl curling her hair with the Pepsi can, a man and the wife watching the wind chime made of Pepsi tins – I mean, it is all so entertaining and wisely thought out. After watching the ad, I was wondering – wow, that is a superb idea for curing the hair. It is really genius. And I really want to make that ‘Wind Chime.’

Because… While most ads irritate me, and frustrates me… This one brings me back to the memory of childhood – of buying ‘Sundal’ (Chickpea) from the man in the beach and asking him to add more masala (Chilli powder). Of flying the kite up in the terrace, with my brother.

Because… It puts a smile on my face. It is as simple as that… And this is the most important reason out of all.

Want to know what’s that ad I have been going on about… Watch it here…

I am LOVING IT!!! And hence, my Vote goes to… Living It by Kaushal Shah.

If I have to choose the second place, I will select #Upma-Rajma by Keerthi Natarajan. Like I have already said, it has potential, and I just love the ‘unity in Diversity’ theme used in that. The female actors are just so wonderful, and their expressions are unmatchable. The finale, when they both reveal a bottle of Pepsi, and that smile of understanding and pride -wah! It deserves a place in TV.

Here is that ad…


I’m voting for the best ads in the#CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”

© Ada


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