‘Love- A Show Of Consideration.’

‘I have realized that love isn’t about a big bunch of flowers, or a shiny diamond sitting on a platinum ring… Love is a cup of noodles from him when I am tired to my bones; it is that act of doing the dishes, when I am absolutely worn-out. Love is not anything grand, it is everything simple…’

It is easy or almost easy, when you celebrate love on occasions. With a colorful bouquet or a precious jewel, but it is not as easy to celebrate love, every day. Not many know that a woman will equally be happy with the simple gesture of love as she was with a grand gesture- like a kiss in the morning… Cutting vegetables once in a while… Drying clothes after the laundry… Washing dishes whenever possible.

#SharingTheLoad is also a show of consideration and affection. A true show of love. And not many men does show that kind of affection.

‘I have wanted someone who walk by me, holding my hand. But more importantly I have wanted a partner who’ll help me out when I need. A partner, who will lift some weight off my shoulder, when I was pressed down to the ground…’

Equality in home have been widely talked all around, but has anyone been following it? A stressful day in the office has been given more importance and a woman spending time at home, well, what did she do much?

Some of the scenes I have seen around in the households…

Scene 1:

“I am so tired. Can you please wash the dish tonight?” She asked as she wiped her face. He looked at her, as if she had lost her brain.

“What? You’ve been doing nothing at all… And I am just back from the office. And… You’re asking me to do the dishes?”

Well… She went away, with a tired smile. Yes, let us forget all the cooking, washing, cleaning she has done from morning up until night. As she did the dishes, she had only one question, ‘did he even consider me as a human…’

The next morning she would forget this, but that one moment of scar he left on her heart…. It is poisonous, and aching.

Scene 2:

She was sick. Her body was beaten, and she couldn’t stand anymore. There came her husband. She lied on the chair and he sat next to her.

“Where is my coffee?”

“I am tired. Can you…?” She was not finished yet. He glared at her.

“I am more tired than you… I have been… Doing a lots of work. Go get me the coffee…”

The wife cursed her luck in life and went about cooking the meal for her husband.

She might have become silent, but these acts will linger in the heart. She would have forgiven you, for dusting her sickness away like it is unwanted, but she’d have become hurt at that one moment. She’d have questioned your love for her, questioned her life, questioned her faith in love…. Questioned everything out there. Love is not bringing right kind of flowers at the right time, it is saying right kind of words at the right time, and proving the words with action.

Don’t let your laziness corrupt your love. She would not ask for the things, often, but when she asks, it is best to forget watching cricket for ten minutes. Giving up cricket is nothing life-endangering. Show some love, and let her feel that she is, indeed, special to you.


Yes, Now-a-days, most of the husbands has learnt the true meaning of equality and understood what their wives have been doing all their life for them. The scenario has started to change, sowing new form of appreciation within every family. And thus, reaping the real love, within every heart.

It is great to see. The respect behind love. Love will become an useless thing without kindness, consideration and respect. That kind of love only orders, hurts and rejects. No woman would want that love, the love that demeans and destroys. She wants someone who’ll protect her, not control her. She wants someone who’ll help her, not leave her alone when she needed.

Love has to be solid and supportive. If it’s not, that is not really love.

‘I have had thousand regrets about marriage. But when he does something very simple, like doing the dishes at night, I’d close my long list of regrets and look at him, a new found love in my eyes. It’s not that I don’t love him. It is just that I feel he doesn’t love me enough. But when he does little act of kindness, I start to believe in his love, as well.’

Scene 3:

A tired wife sitting on the chair. Husband came in and his eyes became clouded with consideration.

“Honey, you okay?”

“A little bit tired. My body is complaining a lot.”

“Can I make the noodle for you? Did you take medicine… I’ll bring it for you.”

The smile on her face was bigger than anything else, and at that moment, she loved her husband more than before.

It is true that women enjoy the little help from their counterparts. Lifting some weights off their shoulder make them feel your love and your affection. They’ll feel treasured, and their heart will bloom.

‘I have found out that I can love him more than before, when he, himself, willingly does the laundry, without me begging for it. It is that act of consideration, which is more important for a long-lasting marriage…’

Yes, guys… Sharing the load and helping the wife in everything possible is a great way of showing your true love, and consideration.

And if every husband decides helping his wife, in little ways possible, a family would be a happy place to be… For all the women, and husbands would become…. Really become the true life-partners. And a real hero in his wife’s heart.

What’s better than that???

Let me end this with a Hadeeth that is so so close to my heart…

“The most complete of the believers in faith, is the one with the best character. And the best of you are those who are best towards their wife.”

Yes, she deserves only the best treatment from her husband and nothing else.
I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.

© Ada

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