#EkNayiLeague with Kapil – My guesses…


Ek Nayi League with Kapil – My guesses…’

In the legend of cricket, the decades it followed, the strikes it has witnessed, the giant successes and the pitiful dose of loses, Cricket, in India has a place in every household. A place closer to heart.

Some keeps it close, some faraway, but Cricket and India has always been interconnected. A bond, that is beyond saving. Even the people who don’t watch cricket want India to win, because winning a match has been considered a national victory. It is a celebration of lifetime, a celebration, every religion people join together to witness, and enjoy.

In this Cricket, one of the big wins for India in world cup was brought to us by none other than Kapil Dev. Yes, him. The guy who is known throughout India, and is as interlinked with Cricket as our nation is interlinked with Cricket. EVERYONE, I mean, every single person in India, and even abroad, knows this cricketer and now he is on twitter, tweeting about a new event. And that is a trending topic in India. @therealkapildev, his tweets are about this new league he is conducting, and the welcome for it is huge.

It has created a wild uproar, wide guesses… A new game play, that will be played by Mr. Kapil Dev, and it is not cricket.


Yes. I am talking about the Hubbub about #EkNayiLeague with a legendary cricketer and yes, the expectation and the question ‘what is it?’ has been enormous. The tweets, a million and more. The roar, the ads, almost always intriguing.

What is this Ek Nayi League that Mr. Kapil Dev is talking about? What is it?

A guessing game has been played by the viewers, and there are only guesses. No one still knows what is it all about.

So here are some of my wild guesses…

I think it is a talk show for the Cricketers, and other sportsperson from all around the world, where he asks some questions and they have to answer. Or it might be a game show, where they have to play without a bat and the ball. (You have to note that Mr. Kapil said these games hasn’t to be played with heart, and if played with heart, success won’t knock at the door.)

So maybe, it is a game to check your IQ, reflexes and how smart you’re, outside the playing field. These sports people might be lightning fast in the field. Catching a ball without missing, hitting the ball in the quickest possible moves, and I think this game show is to find out how quick they’re with their reflexes in real life, outside the field.

I really don’t know. Like a starved, excited viewer, I have been resorted to the last possible option – and that is Googling for Ek Nayi League and I came out with nothing. What a way to keep a secret! Hufff….

The time to unveil the secret is getting closer and closer. Tick tock tick. The clock is going round and round. Till then… I will wait for the truth. Biting my fingernails.


A video add on Ek Nayi League… For more, follow @EkNayiLeague on Twitter…

© Ada


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