‘These Masks I Wear.’

I shall smile in pain, for you never try to look behind the guise,
I shall show the forged smile, for you don’t deserve my real tears,

These frequent masks I wear, every moment of every day,
Entombs the real me, the one who can never stand back again,

That smile, that happy laughter, it is not the real me, but
What can I do, except show you what’s not really real,

Because you just don’t care, whether I live or die,
You’ll never be interested in finding if I am true or fake,

I shall get killed, a voiceless scream escaping my lips,
I shall drown and dissolve, a tearless goodbye on my eyes,

And you will never be concerned, for I am just another piece
In the box tagged, ‘Useless Memories.’

You will never be concerned, for I am just that –
A tired and unwanted memory.


© Ada

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