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The Ads that made me smile…


‘The Ads that made me smile…’

“Many a small things has been made large by the right kind of Advertising” – Mark Twain.

Twain is absolutely right about that. Ads make a small Mole into a Mountain, and a Rat into a Rhinoceros. It is all part of the game in the world of marketing. It is like a net, carefully spun, to caught the fishes – we, consumers.

But still… We fall for it, every time, because… There’s a certain magic in the ads. Ignore the irritating ads. Apart from it, there are some artfully made ads, that can always make us happy…

Amongst the million in the ocean of ads, there’s only few ads that touches heart and makes us feel the smile. It is these ads, that inspire, or at the most, will make us glad and cheers us up.

“Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t need” – Will Rogers.

And yes, we are mostly convinced by even the most absurd advertisements out there. It is like a spell put upon us – these ads. A moment of magical entertainment, and a moment that forces us to open our wallets.

Been seeing Pepsi ads for so long, and it is super good that consumers also have the chance to be creative. Listed below are some of the ads, that made me feel a smile. And that smile, let me promise you, is not an easy thing to find, at least, not when watching the ads….

The top three ads, that are my absolute favorites…

1. Crash the Pepsi IPL – #Rajma-Upma, by Keerthi Natarajan

This one is the beautiful portrayal of differences in India in food. Two women and two men are sitting in a bench, waiting. The first woman started opening her box, and the second follows. I am engrossed in it, to see what will come next. The facial reactions of the two women is perfectly captured and there’s a sense of complete satisfaction when they both pull out the bottle of Pepsi – they smile at each other, understanding and happiness, and that is the brilliant moment in the ad. A moment worth watching. I #Heart it.

2. Selective Hearing – Crash The Pepsi IPL, by Pranav Bhasin

Yes, watched this one on TV, between the IPL breaks, and enjoyed it. Not a lot, but still… It is good. The difference in tone between the guy asking for water and the little guy who wants Pepsi – deserves an applause. And the cherry on the top is the final scene, where the store owner and the other guy’s expression.  Wow. I am feeling bad for the man who came to buy water, because he looked absolutely confused and bewildered. His expressions are just awesome.

3. Crash the Pepsi IPL -Served, by Nikitha Deshpande

This one is – one delicious ad. Really sumptuous looking and the food addict in me is very much in love with this ad. When the ad is over, my stomach is grumbling so loud.The background voice over is simply amazing and the concept, though is very simple, is also very creative. The idea of showing the traditional and most important food for various team is genius. Love, love, love it Abhi… I am hungry for food, some cricket and yes, Pepsi!

And that is the list of wonderful Pepsi Ads I enjoyed, while watching.

Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda.

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