‘This is the Earth Speaking…’

A place to live, filled with things you need,
Water, air and everything you ever wanted,

Running streams and rivers to quench thirst,
Oceans and seas to bring the rain cloud in burst,

Tall trees and plants to satiate your hunger,
Calming breeze that soothes body and linger,

Music of the nature, that calms the bones,
Vivid flowers that bloom in colorful tones,

Green grasses and the bluest of the sky,
Stable source of water, that never run dry,

The fertile stretch of lands to grow your food,
And what’s that you did to me, it’s no good,

I provided life, but why am I being murdered?
I helped all, and why am I being punished?

Running wastes and remnants of the dye factories,
Pure streams and rivers, they now become poisons,

Tall living trees, plundered, sliced cruelly down,
Cut for all your selfish use, how then will it rain?

Mixed with the calming breezes, are the gases,
The death steams released from cars and buses,

Noises from vehicles drowning the nature’s music,
Blooming flowers, o’ they screamed and fell sick,

Dried grasses of no use, the sky filled with deadly air,
And what you all did for my help, is that really fair?

The fertile lands, mixed with lethal toxics that harm,
And the returns for my good deeds, isn’t very warm.

You ruined me beyond repair, and still I stand, sad
Wondering how I would help you live, with this bad.

You killed my essence, stole, and here I am, thinking
Of a way to make you go on and on, safe and living.

You played a rude game, with all that I provided,
And O’ what am I, a foolish thing that still cared.

For you, I gave it all, the sources I proudly carried,
You took it, and the price of death is what you paid.

Did I deserve these heartless actions? Did I?
Did I deserve these uncaring attitudes? Did I?

Did I? Did I? I didn’t. I didn’t. I still, voicelessly
Accept it all, and go on helping you, selflessly.,

Giving you all the things you didn’t really deserve,
Though you didn’t ever think to save me and serve,

I am kind, I do things without expecting anything,
But fate… It has a agenda, that’s worth noticing.

Ye’ I have one bad news to confess, if you go on
Like this, destroying me, and killing me, I am
Not going to die alone. You are coming with me.
Because You are Me…

Ps. This Universe is Ours. Cherish it, like how you cherish your jewels, your home…. Without the Earth, how is it possible to have a home for yourself? Without the Earth, how is it possible to live??? Save it… And don’t destroy it and led to your own suicide…

Join with Green Yatra to serve and save the Earth, which has served and saved us for so long…

Song For Earth by Studio NH 47

© Ada

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