‘My Destiny!’

The moments of eternal bliss,
Washed away with the bubbles of
Laughter and loads of happiness,

The moments of our shared jokes
And foods, packed tight with the
Remains of tenderness and love,

Those good memories, where you
Play the lead role, have the power to
Scare away the bad and grimy days.

In the world, where even love
Costs a fortune, and where things
are just the imitation of the truths,

In the world, where lies prevail,
And feelings are just a form of
Stupidity, and a tool to play with,

You, my friend, is the first real
Feeling that reached my door-step,
Even before I’ve paid a single penny.

Your friendship is the first true love,
That entered my barred heart
Without even knocking. For free.

You, my darling friend, you are the
Beautiful promise in my life, a sacred
Oath of destiny and fate…
Dedicated to… You know it’s you, don’t you???

© Ada

3 thoughts on “My Destiny!

  1. Friend! Friendship is very beautiful.
    if it doesn’t exist, tell then what is life..?!
    Someone to share secrets
    And someone to hold your secrets
    without any expectations..

    Friend who scold you on every bad deeds
    become shadow when a sun of
    sadness occurs, yea your that friend
    and also dance with you when you are happu;-)

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