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To Make You Smile Again

‘To Make You Smile Again.’

– #Her DilkiDeal For a little guy,who means a lot to her.

If your smile costs a fortune,

I will pay everything I own,

Just to make you smile again. 

He was so little and so cute… but his eyes reflected the sorrow of the recent loss… The smile he so readily spilled, the happiness he always blessed others with, now seemed a distant memory.

Her heart bled for him. She had to do something… to bring him out of this misery. He was so little. He wasn’t supposed to feel the pain of death. He wasn’t supposed to thrust into the cruel fate of losing a father. She needed to do something, but for her, approaching him had become difficult.

 Eyes hollow, Sadness written,

My heart cries every time

I look into your little eyes, which

Looks like it is about to cry now…

When she saw his little eyes, she wanted to cry. She wanted to hug him close, and cry with him. But, she knew it was not what he needed.

Once upon a time, he was the center of attraction in the street. The magic being behind everyone’s laughter. His antics, his cheerful smile – they were the source of entertainment in their colony. When he came out, every heart would feel the lightness. He was like the morning sun, slowly overcoming all the darkness.

His presence in her life was so important. He was her neighbor, and when he was young, and was just born, she was the one who walked around, clutching him like a mother-monkey. She was always attached to him, an invisible glue joining them together.

When my world, once a shady place,

Lit by your soothing presence.

Heart healed, by your singing words,

Tears wiped, by those little hands,

My dear…

What do I do, to revive your essence?

To bring the shine back on your face?

Watching him playing was a peaceful and liberating experience. With this little guy, she found a new meaning of life… the meaning she had once lost in the hard trudge along the rocky roads of my life. And she had to do something to pull him out of this melancholy.

For two days, she just went and sat with him. The guy who once hugged and kissed whenever he saw her didn’t even look at her direction. The third day she took his hand in hers. He threw her a look and then went about staring at the ground.


“How is that everyone in my class have a dad and I have none?!”

She was silenced… words lost, she looked at him and then pulled him closer for a hug. That day, they sobbed together.

A week passed, and even his mother got fidgety. She said that she didn’t like to see him like that – he looked as if he had lost all, and that wasn’t the look she wanted to see in a six year old. Never again.

A gift that can soothe,

Comfort and ease your pain,

I have been searching and

Failing, for it.

That day, she decided that this had to stop. She got permission from his mom, packed his little bag and they were on their way to the zoo.

20130526_134855    20130526_142716    20130526_150227

He walked around, looking sulky. She handed her cell phone to him and ask him to take the photo. After ten minutes, he started to point out the animals, calling their names, and clicking their pictures. He was slowly forgetting the pain.

“Look at the peacock… she is beautiful.”

When you smiled,

Pointed the peacock, pure

As white, your smile

Glittering and bright, I knew

I had chosen it right.

This is the cost of your smile –

An unpaid leave for my job, and,

A paid trip to the zoo.

“Like me…”

“You?” He shrunk his little nose and she poked him in the nose.

When they finished watching animals, she sat him down and got his hand.

“Your daddy is not in this world… but look there…”


“…yes sky, he is there, watching you down. He will hate it when you cry. So is your mom, and me. We want you to smile.”

“I miss papa.”

“I am sure you do. But, remember that your papa is always with you…”

After they went home, he showed all the photos to his mom. She was happy that her son was back to being normal.

She didn’t know why or how… but somehow those animals brought him back from his sadness. It was as if he could understand their language and feel comforted by their presence.

The next day when she saw him, she got her usual kiss on the cheeks and a smile on his face.

She didn’t know why she decided for an outing to Zoo — her heart just told her to go for it, but she was happy that it brought his bright smile back…
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