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The Mad World Of Ads


‘The Mad World of Ads…’

There are two sides in every coin, and it applies to the world of advertisements, as well. There are both good and bad in it. In this world, where consumers are the targeted preys, and big industries are the predators, stalking for a way to steal us out of money, it is impossible to fight the temptation.


If there are no ads,
People would have innocently believed
Whisper is for wiping boards, and
Stayfree is for cleaning windows…

If there are no ads,
Guys would have actually used
The deodorants to smell good, and
Girls wouldn’t have noticed. O’ that’ll be bad.

If there are no ads,
Fair people would still be lovely & fair,
But dark people wouldn’t have cared,
What they look like without creams.

If there are no ads,
People wouldn’t have ever realized
That salt is good for teeth, and would’ve
Just stupidly used it in food and rice.

If there are no ads,
Sodas would have been just that –
Sodas, to satisfy thirst, and would never have
Become something that’ll break a leg or both.

If there are no ads,
Shoes would’ve been used for walking, and
No one would have thought it would
Make you a superhero and get you a kiss.

If there are no ads,
Actors would’ve just acted in films,
And their bank balance would contain
A million dollars or more, less.

If there are no ads,
We, people, would’ve never opened
Our dear wallets, and we would’ve become
Millionaires, or at least close.

But… If there are no ads,
Happiness would’ve become scarce and
Life would’ve become very boring.
How is that something good?

If there are no ads,
We’d have missed some good ads, and
Missed some LOL moments, that would
Leave us breathless and delirious.

If there are no ads,
Craziness wouldn’t have knocked doors,
But… It is craziness that add timeless
memories, Not the knowledge and wisdom.

If there are no ads,
Creativity would’ve died a sad death, and
Stupidity would’ve gone unnoticed.
Ads are the door to both good & bad.

So… Enjoy the inspiring ads… And feel
Some new emotions, and rare connection,
Smile in remembrance, and feel the burst of
Old memories, and golden moments.

And… Enjoy the wacky ads… Even if it doesn’t
Make sense, because, they are source
of laughter. ROFL, and keep your brain cell
inactive, for an hour or two.


The Inspiring Ads: Some advertisements sow the feeling of closeness and intimacy. They bring back good memories from the past and the spurt of new emotions. They can make us feel special. They can touch the part of our heart and can stay with us through life. The can pluck the chord in our soul, and sing a new song with us.

These ads will leave a smile on our lip, as soon as we finish watching. It will be like a beautiful poetry, artfully crafted with lyrical words, added with the flavor of emotions and then spiced up with laughter and love and happiness. They leave an aftertaste on your tongue, like a favorite chocolate.
Huggies pampers, Junior Horlicks, Fewikwik, Cadbury Silk, Vodafone are some ads I like to watch, because they just make me smile.
But… we can count these good ones. They are very rare.

The new Trend of Stupidity: Some ads, though, will make us want to throw-up. To close our eyes and never open again, until it goes off. Sometimes, watching it will cause an acidic reaction at the bottom of your belly, and might even give indigestion. Sometimes, your stomach will hurt and you will lose breathing, because of the laughter – Not because the ad is funny, but because you can’t bear it anymore.

These trend of stupidity is like a contagious disease… and the advertisers follow the trend, like herds of sheep, falling inside a pit, after one sheep falls off. It is comical at one point, but sad on the other.

But then, what is a world without craziness? It will be very boring…

That is how a toothpaste is made…

Yes, it is not enough that you’ve to pluck your hair one by one when you’re choosing what to study, where to study. When you’re choosing what to wear and what to cook.

In this complicated world, to make matters much worse, the toothpaste industries have started a new agenda to make us go completely mad. As if we aren’t already crazy!

Yes, I am talking about thousand different toothpastes from a single manufacturer, and when you add all the manufacturers, it might reach, may be, a ten thousand and some more?

Getting better and better, this life of ours.

And the toothpaste ads… they not only want me to scream, but want to cry and laugh, all at the same time.

A man/woman will eat something in a theater or in a bathroom (not eating here) brushing and then… they will go Ahh! The teeth hurt! Sss…

Again, the place doesn’t matter. No matter where you’re, you’re about to get shocked.

Abracadabra! Out of nowhere, a magical being will appear in front of her/him… For being a magical being, who can appear anywhere, including your bathrooms, she has usually some very outlandish questions for you… ‘Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai?’ or ‘Unga toothpastela uppu irukka?’

  1. Did your toothpaste has salt?
  2. Did your toothpaste has lime and clove and what not?

Wait a minute…

Are we talking about toothpastes here? Or is there a cross-talk from the departmental store ad? No, its really the toothpaste ads.

I am sorry, but… really? All I want to do is peacefully brush my teeth every morning, and what is with these damn confusions?

Better DIY: A toothpaste that will guarantee your dental health – buy some low-cost tooth powder. Add salt, clove and pour some drops of lime and whatever else you want to add, you’ll have no dental troubles, nor will you be troubled by magical beings, who don’t know the word Privacy! 🙂

Fair, but not so lovely…

This one is more frustrating than being stupid. IT IS OFFENSIVE and getting more offensive by passing days. :/

Is color the base ingredient of Confidence? So, what about the ingredients of brain?

Fair and Lovey and all the other fairness ads are the ideas of a color-addicted society. They push the dark people behind without the conscience… because, they care about selling the products. Who cares if young minds are infected by these absurd ideas? Who cares if girls and guys lose confidence because of these filthy portrayals? Who cares… As long as they get to fill their wallets, they will do anything!

They force people to think… that fairness is synonymous to beautiful. Fairness is synonymous to self-confidence. And I want to clobber their head with a big hammer to activate those unused brain cells they have…

A true incident that happened: There’s this little girl I know. One day she was standing in front of me, something white applied in her face. Unable to control my laughter, I asked,

Me: What’s that?

Her: Do I look white now?

Me: What did you do?

Her: I just made fair and lovely cream by adding water to talcum powder.

It was funny that time… but as I grew up, it stopped being funny.

Dear Fairness cream manufacturers, it’s a great job you’re doing, by converting Indians into fair beings. Thanks for your (in)considerate actions. You all deserve Nobel prizes.

Wanna be a Hollywood action star? Drink This!

You can fly like Batman, you can fight all the bad guys until they are no more, you can jump off from the 100th floor and you’ll be absolutely safe. Are you in a Hollywood action film? Or are you playing a video game?  Or are you daydreaming?

Umm, not exactly.

You’ve just drunk your own bottle of magical potion, which can make you do the impossible. And after you drink this, you can bag yourself a role for being a next batman, or can you?

Where did this magical potion come from? From Greenland. Oh, no. It is just that Soda we once drank to satisfy thirst and to cure indigestion. That same soda!!!

So what’s the additional ingredient added to it? Stupidity?! YES.
Really, really sorry guys. It is fun when you jumped in the movies, and started kicking bad guys, but in real life, and that after drinking the soda – it has become a joke.

Soda Drinkers, don’t try the stunts after you drink; if you do want to try, be prepared to lose a leg or a head. There’s no guarantee for your life, as well.

Perfume Ads are smelly…

All the deodorant and perfume ads make me want to close my nose. It is so absurd that I want to laugh.


Did women these days have no job, but to walk behind every man who wear the deodorant? Are we some damn police dogs?

And what if 10 guys pass by, all wearing the same brand of perfume and deodorant, the same time? Who do these girls choose to follow? Oh, wouldn’t the situation become chaotic and messy?!
Ad makers, girls have better works to do than stalking a guy, just because he wore your brand of deo! Please wake up from this slumber, and start making something which make sense.

Can Hair Gels cause craziness???

It is fine, as long as they draw a line between creativity and incongruity. It stops being funny after the boundary is traversed.

There’s this hair gel ad. A guy was in the airport and there’s a security checkpoint. He goes to remove his jacket, and then open his hand wide, with a (Seckcy?) smile… And a woman is watching this laughable show go on.

And the first time I was watching this ad, I was thinking – What in the world is he on about?

The answer came later in the game – it seems that the particular brand of hair gel causes craziness, in addition to sowing weird notions on your brain, which in turn make you act strange and crazy. What’s very scary is, all the while, you’d think you’re acting SEXY.

An Advice: Please, if you want to stay mentally healthy, it is advised not to use hair gels. I really care for you!

How to clean the spilled ink!

I’d seen some good Sanitary Napkin ads and some very worst. I just want to share this incident happened in my life years before.

I was filling my pen with ink and accidentally knocked the bottle down. The ink spilled and I was in tension. Tomorrow was the exam, and I was angry why this was always happening to me when I didn’t have time to spare.

I was looking at the spilled ink, or more like glaring at it.

And there came my little brother.

‘Sis…’ He called me.

I was already angry and he was bothering me. I looked up and yelled, ‘WHAT?’

He frowned, but continued, ‘you ask me to buy that……. thing. Wipe this off with it.’

‘That thing? What thing?’ Now I was getting curious.

‘The thing I buy for your from Sundaran Annachi’s store.’

I started to smile. ‘Wow, smarty pants, how do you know it is to mop the spilled ink?’

He looked indignant and said, ‘What! I know. I know very well. They show it in TV… They spill ink in it.’ I had to laugh then.

And that, my dear friends, is how you wipe up the spilled ink! 🙂


Ads… A mad world, where mad people like us have been drowned. It will take a lot to swim against the wave and surface.


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