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Blissful Encounters – #DilkiDeal Gifts


‘Blissful Encounters – #DilkiDeal Gifts’

A beautiful place to live, world shall
Become blissful, when written with love.
Hearts bonded, together. Souls stuck.
Through ups and downs. World shall
Become blessed, when hearts are opened.
Words of love, shared. Gifts gifted,
In the days of celebration. World shall
Become grand, when  hatred is cut-off,
And love, sowed. Little deeds of mercy
Made available, for all. World shall one day
Become the best place, to live, when
Humans celebrate love and gift people
With true emotions, from heart.

Life is a beautiful novel, added and colored by every single individual who entered in. Some may stuck through out, some walk away- it is not the time period that matters. It is the memory the time carries.

Some people weigh the gifts by money. Some, though, knows it by the thought. It is thought that counts, not the money. It is the smile you offer through your little gifts that matters, not the price tag.

Gifts are something I select with utmost care, every time. For me, the gift has to reflect my true feelings and my emotions. Gifts are not just a show of grandeur, it is a show of love and friendship.

In this day and time, when life moves quite fast, I have to stand on a place for a moment, to share my love. It is the necessity. Some people are worth more than precious time.

I love to write poetry and send it to my favorite people, often. It is nothing much, a simple card made by some softwares, words written on it… Words from my heart. But, the feeling of knowing only I can do such thing to them — that is, write a poem, solely for them, – it is an exhilarating feeling, of pure bliss.

And when they receive the poetry, it will tell them that I am thinking about them, that I treasure their friendship and love… When people let their close ones slip past, because they’re too closed-off and can’t share words of love, it is such a sad thing. So I make it my job to share little poetries, words, poems, made just for the people I love, so that, we will stay close, even after years… Because they mean the world to me.

To my hubby…

We often fight, and I often say wrong things, but aside all this, I still love him. How would he know that if I keep it in my heart? He is not a mind-reader. So… I create some stupid things, write some stupid letters, and make some stupid cards for him, to show him that he means so much than he chooses to believe.
imageI had won some gift vouchers from contests and other activities and kept it for buying an Oven to satisfy my cake addiction, but then…my hubby wants to watch the World Cup Cricket, so bad. We didn’t have TV at home, so I decided to buy a TV for him. It was not much, just a small LCD TV, but the smile he sported was…. so biggg. He was so excited when he received it and it made me happy, as well, just to see him smile so happily. (It was another news that I was the one who watched World Cup, daily, because he had to go to job)

imageAnd these little gestures are beautiful memories that keeps our love going strong.

From My Hubby…

I received some #DilKiDeal gifts, as well from him. I am a chocolate-addict, and he knows it so well and I often receive chocolates from him. I don’t need many. If he gives me chocolates, that is absolutely enough for me.
And I read 24/7. I, once, used a little phone to do the reading… And because he feared I might damage my eyes, he gifted me with an 8″ tablet, for reading. Now I am a proud owner of a tab, and a 1000+ e-books.

And the gifts shared, even during the time that doesn’t have any special meaning, makes that moment special, just because I received a gift…

These little memories, moments make life much more better than it originally is…


I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.


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