‘Good to be Alive’

There were many things I hadn’t done. I let so many of my yesterdays pass in vain. My dreams, my wishes – most of the time, had never reached their destination. They had died a very sad death, along the journey, never having the strength to brave the heavy storms and downpours. Their end came suddenly. So suddenly, that I had no choice but to give up. And then feel bad for it.

I was not strong enough to fight the battle, alone. I was weak.

People I love, respect – even they had become the end to my dreams. But it is okay now. I have learnt my lessons. In a hard way, but… It would take a long time before I forget those hard-earned wisdom. It is okay now, for I had a chance to change myself.

I have regrets. Many regrets, that will walk with me along the road. But, it still is good to be alive.

It is good, because time has changed a weakling into a strong being. It is good, for now, I am striving towards making a new today, to compensate all those vain, wasted yesterdays.

I am alive, and am given the chance to rectify my mistakes. To correct the errors I left in my biography book. To write a new chapter, with new, more improved achievements. To make my life better. A best-seller. Ain’t it good???

It is good to be alive… Because, not many are given the chance to correct their mistakes. Not many have the chance to find where they went in the wrong way and start a new journey, this time, without missing the route. But I am still living, to see another day. And got my wisdom to fight and move forward before it is too late. Ain’t it good???

It is good to be alive… Because, all my dead dreams, I have the chance to revive them and bring them back to life and give them fresh start. Not many have the chance to find wisdom long before Death arrives. I have that chance. I have the new routes laid out in front of me. I have the past mistakes, which guides me through every bends. Ain’t it good???

It is good to be alive…!!!


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