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In a country, where people are too lazy to take the power granted to them, and walk to the voting booth, how effective will be this new mission ‘Digital India’ be?

In a fit of irritation, most of us have avoided voting… because we think… ‘what is the use of selecting a government, which will ultimately works on its own, pushing me away and keeping me blind to its working… what’s the use of selecting a politician, who will end up gorging my money and stealing it to his home, without me aware of it…’

Yes… What is the use in that?

That kind of Government has always been a head-ache to the citizens. A bane. A curse. And… This new concept of ‘e-governance’ and ‘digital India’ might help in breaking that long-standing curse and will wake up the sleeping-government and make it transparent and visible to all. That in itself, is a greater achievement — breaking that curse of invisible functioning of the Government.

The people, who are the responsibility of selecting the Government, have no say whatsoever after the Government is commenced. They are kept in the dark… Forced to keep quiet… Pushed behind the doors… And… Their itch to find out the truth behind all the fakes have never been scratched properly.


So… This Digital India concept is a boon for many. That itch, which couldn’t once be scratched can be scratched now. This new platform can help us to actively take part in what was once a mythical creature. We, ordinary people, can, as well, delve deeper into the darkest oceans and find out the mysteries hidden.

When the operation behind the door becomes visible, it can also straighten the curved ideologies of the people who rule. The politicians will be aware of the general public and will work diligently. They will, no longer, be negligent and no longer will have the power to do, say and steal as they wish.

To and fro...
Walking miles...
Riding cars and buses...
Waiting in the Long queues...
Bearing the sun and headaches...
And in the end, the officer calmly says...
'Today's time is over. Come tomorrow, please...'

This is the situation of millions of Indian Citizens. But… By digitalizing, this immense torture, that is impacted on the pillars of our nation, over and again, will be reduced. Offering access to government services, and providing a platform to join hands with the once forbidden government, will enable and excite citizens.

Most of us want to take an active part in the government, without deeper involvement. We don’t want to become a politician, but we do want to become someone who can serve their nation on whatever little ways we can… And, this new concept of digital India is ‘Ideal’ for such people. We can dig into the deeper parts, decipher the changes and develop a successful nation, by collaborating with the Government and its officials. Generally, the general public of our nation have greater understanding and knowledge about commercial, educational and political field than the people who rule… These general public are more wise, sensitive and clever. By letting these clever individuals inside the barred door, our India can achieve new, greater heights in all the fields… India can see the new rainbow with all seven colors.


We grow and grow, useless, never allowed 
To see and say. Our eyes 've been closed and 
Voices have been muted. Words, we want
To whisper, wise advises we want to offer,
All lies inside a closed closet. Dormant.

The servants we selected for the nation, are
Our masters. We, mere puppets,
Dance and dance, not even hearing the tune.
The door behind which they work, is
Always locked. Always. Never for us to enter,

One day, they opened and said —
Now You may get in. We grow and grow,
Useful, hopeful, that we can serve the mother
Who has served us for so long. We grow, 
Filled with joy to know, that we are not
Strangers to this nation, anymore. We grow,
Happy that we become the Puppeteer of 
The Previous Masters...

In today’s scenario, the relationship between the Government and the public is rocky. It is a hard path, and it has always been difficult to solve the differences between the government and us. We also have a grudge on Government officials for restraining us within a boundary and never allowing us to move freely with our country and its inner workings. We are forced to feel useless, because we know we can’t ask or say or do anything different when the politicians decide to do otherwise. Most of us have tried to trudge in the path to understand the Government and have finally given up.

In this situation, e-governance and its effective implementation can smooth that hard road and bring peace. The citizens will be happy to get access to the things which had once been hidden from them, and will, then be able to trust the government, wholeheartedly. Will also be able to help in the growth of a stronger, brighter India.

Intel in Helping India to reach it’s dream – Intel through its various initiatives has helped in the formation of a new, reformed India. The missions such as ‘Innovate for India’ ‘Digital Skills for India’ Intel has planted the first stone towards a fresh, novel start. Intel India also launched new initiatives towards improving digital literacy to increase the literacy rate among the Indians. One of the greatest form of this support is Intel’s new application that enables digital skills in five important languages. The application contains modules on digital literacy, financial inclusion, healthcare and cleanliness.

“We believe that the government’s Digital India vision is going to be imperative to propel the country into its next phase of growth. The industry has been asked to participate to realise the vision and it is now up to us to work jointly with the government to do the right thing for our country,” said Debjani Ghosh, vice president, Intel South Asia. “At Intel we believe that skill development and innovation are imperative for realising the Digital India vision and these are the two areas in which Intel will begin working with the government to digitally empower the citizens of India.”

-Source: here.

Is our Government really ready for this change? Do they really want to let us inside the challenging working of the cogwheels?

I am not sure… … …

But, since our PM is the one who created this ideal vision for the future and stood on this new path, I am forced to put my trust on it. And seeing  these innovative techniques put forth by Intel in support of the ‘Digital India’ concept and the enthusiasm of Indian Government, the vision for an upgraded, open Government did not really seem far-fetched.

We are eager to know how ‘WE’ can be empowered and sanctioned legal rights towards various sectors by the launch of the e-Governance. The remake of India shall not stay as a distant dream. The revitalization of India will become the reality. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Know More About e-governance and #Digital India through this story-book: Nemo’s Adventure In his Digital Reef! Download the story-book here: NemO’s Adventure in his digital reef

Nemo’s Adventure

@ Digital Reef


The story of Nemo’s adventure starts here, when the new prime minister of Indian Ocean – where Nemo lives – put forth a new Idea in front of all the fishes, which put the fishes on exciting mood. 

It is DIGITIZING the Reef.

Nemo is confused about what is a ‘Digital Reef’ and how it works. So here Nemo starts his journey around the reef to know more about this NEW idea that is creating a big wave.

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Digital India... Will empower Citizens...
Digital India... will open the closed doors...
Digital India... will destroy the old ideals...
Digital India... Will bring a new storm, 
and start the fresh rain drops...

Yes… There are several challenges in the project. This concept is fresh and has a promising start, but… the trouble still rests on DI concept. India has poor regulations in the field of privacy protection, data protection, cyber law, telegraph, e-governance, e-commerce… and Digital officials, scientists believes that E-governance and Digital India will not reach its success without cyber protection. Yes, we lack a lot in cyber protection, but my hope is — Since India has reached many unimaginable success over years in various fields, it may not necessarily be impossible to implement the DI concept successfully. So… yes, Digital India will become more than just a mirage.

I am waiting for the change to knock doors of our nation and bring us into a new, unimaginable future. May the #DigitalIndia rise and shine and bring sunlight to the darkest, gloomiest portion of our nation and make our India the biggest success.


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